Appropriate Title

Around our house we have a pile of old half flattened pillows. The kids use them for movie nights to make little pillow beds on the floor but I really just want to throw them all out. Enter Pinterest. I found a tutorial for making pillow mattresses. How could this not be the most perfect idea ever for my kids!

The tutorial comes from No Rest for the Creative, which is a perfectly appropriate title for my week last week trying to get these  made.  I originally came across her tutorial for the same thing only using knit fabric, but I really liked the idea of using cotton better.

They took me forever to make because I was being a super perfectionist, but I think you need to be if you want it to look nice! There is a lot of measuring long fabrics, sewing long seams and smoothing out and lining up. Not to mention my preggo belly kept getting in the way and crawling around on the floor all hours of the night didn’t do much for my pregnancy induced reflux. I could only work while the kids were sleeping, because they were gifts.

I found some perfect pillows at Wal-Mart for $3.97 each. You could go even cheaper at $2.50 for Standard pillows from Wal-Mart or even $.99 from Ikea, but Andrew encouraged me to get nice pillows since I put all the time into making them. The $3.97 pillows were technically Jumbo size but they weren’t stuffed full so they fit into the opening perfectly. (Ok, it took a little work to get them in, but they are so cozy and look great.) I adjusted the tutorial a bit so that Axel and Miracle’s mattresses each had 5 pillows in them. I looked like a bit of a crazy lady purchasing 14 pillows! I had two carts full.

I love that you can fold the top pillow under to prop up the top of the mattress. Axel even realized that if you roll the top three pillows it works as a perfect chair for gaming or sitting up to eat a snack.

Five pillows was a bit excessive for Miracle, but at least it will grow with her! I also found another tutorial from Southern Disposition on Pinterest that looked way simpler, but the finished look wasn’t as polished. Also, the way I did it was cheaper. But look at this cute idea for how to set up the same bed that we already have! Right now Miracle sleeps on top and Evangeline underneath, but hopefully that will change soon…

Princess Fort Bed Idea from Southern Disposition

The pillow mattresses are getting used like crazy which makes me super thrilled especially after all the time and love I put into them. Now I’m off to throw away a bunch of old half flat pillows… or maybe I’ll search Pinterest for some ideas of what to do with them! Have you been Pinspired lately?


Lego Birthday Party – Decor and More

Continuing on from my last post and our Lego Birthday Party Awesomeness – the food edition… I’m really excited to share the decorations and other touches we did for the party. Super fun! So let’s get started.

the Invitations

After being inspired by this Etsy listing I set to making my own Lego invites. Want some directions? Here you go!


Black Cardstock

Colored Cardstock (I chose red yellow and blue)

White Cardstock


Circle Cutter (or something circular to trace)

3D Pop up foam adhesive

Glue Stick or other adhesive

Start by cutting your black cardstock into 8 1/2″x 5 1/2″ strips. Fold in half. Cut your colored cardstock into 5 1/8″x 4″ rectangles. Adhere the colored cardstock onto the front of your black card using a glue stick, double stick tape, or whatever your preferred method. Using your circle cutter (or circular object) cut 4 circles approximately 1 3/4″ out of the same color of cardstock. Apply a piece of 3D pop up foam adhesive to the back of each circle and space them evenly on top of your colored rectangle.

For the inside of the card I used my computer/printer to type up our birthday invite. I used the line “Let’s Build A Party!” (which the kids loved) and then I searched Google images for a Lego logo. I added our time, date and location info using colored ink and then printed it out on white cardstock. I then trimmed the cardstock to size and used the glue stick to adhere it to the inside of the card.

These invites fit perfectly inside a standard 4×6 invitation envelope. They were super simple and turned out very sharp with the black and bright solids.

the Present

I wrapped Axel’s gift the same way I did the juice boxes. Just some blue wrapping paper with blue wrapping paper circles and some more 3D pop up foam adhesive. The gift was pretty cool too! Axel wanted to watch a movie for his party and so I thought a Lego movie would be pretty great. I was so excited when I came across this:

the Gift

Shatterpoint Entertainment has put together a couple of movies using stop motion animation and Legos that retell popular Bible stories. Their newest one is on the story of Jericho and it is straight from the Bible. They also sell comic books of the story and we purchased those to go along with Axel’s gift and one for each of his friends to send home in their goodie bags. The movie was fun and the kids were all so amazed with the animation. They kept asking how they did everything. I may have to purchase the how to book that Shatterpoint sells as well!

the Goodie Bags

Excuse the lighting on that picture! Someday I will learn how to use my camera… I wish I had gotten a picture of all the goodie bags lined up in a row. They were so cute. I was inspired by this Etsy listing and I knew I could do it myself simply. Cardstock didn’t look right with the shiny bags, so I used the wrapping paper to make circles and affixed them with the 3D pop up foam adhesive. I used 4 dots of the adhesive because the wrapping paper was a little more flimsy and I didn’t want it curling. My gift bags were approximately 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ and the circles I cut were approximately 3 1/4″. Add some red tissue and they looked great! (Inside the goodie bags were their comic books, a Lego man ($2.99 at Target) and the crazy straws that they used with their supper.)

the Bag Tags

These were one of my favorite parts. I took a Lego and had Andrew drill a hole in the end of each one. Then I threaded the hole with embroidery floss and wrote their name on the side with a sharpie. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my black sharpie so I had to use a red one, but it still worked. I did most of the bags with a yellow Lego so we could have all the party colors represented, but I ran out and had to do some in red too.

the Game

I also found a fun idea for a Lego Collaboration game. We gave each child a baggie full of Legos and they decided they were going to build a tower. They went around the circle and each put on one piece at a time. I wasn’t sure how it would go over but they all loved it!

the Table

I kept the table decorations simple. I found red square plates, yellow plasticware and blue napkins. Along with some blue and yellow crazy straws just for fun.

the "Streamers"

I saw this listing on Etsy, but we were sticking to squares and rectangles so I decided to make my own garland. I simply cut out several different sizes of squares and rectangles out of red, blue and yellow cardstock and then ran them through my sewing machine using white thread. After each piece went through I raised the presser foot and pulled  some excess thread in between the pieces. I originally sewed them into one long strand but didn’t like how that looked and so then I cut them to have between 3 and 5 pieces on each strand. Love, love, love how it turned out and we left them up a few days because I didn’t want to take them down!

It was a super fantasticly successful party and fun was had by all. Don’t forget to check out my Lego Birthday Party- Food Edition for more Lego birthday party ideas!

The Evangeline

I just absolutely love this dress. I’ll apologize right now for all the pictures in this post…

It doesn’t help that my model is so stinkin cute!

When I first started looking for dress patterns I didn’t really care for this one at all, but I saw someone wearing something similar and decided to try it out. I love it and everything about it! It is so feminine and lovely and the big bow on the back is dreamy.

The Evangeline was made from this tutorial from Sew Happy by Carrie and I was impressed with the tutorial and pattern, as well as the excellent communication from Carrie. Please know that the sizes do run large though!

The Evangeline. Sizes 18months- 5T. $35


Axel begged and begged me to make him a bow-tie. He wanted to come to the fabric store with me to pick out fabric. In my mind I was imagining all the fun fabrics we could use. He chose black.

All he wanted  was a plain black bow-tie. I tried a brown striped fabric, some black, blue and red fabric and just about every other fabric I saw. Just black. He was so excited about it though! And he was so proud to wear it.

I begged him to wear a pink polka dot one to match his sisters dresses. I even tried bribing him. He said he wouldn’t do it for a million dollars. He wouldn’t even do it for one hundred dollars. I finally talked him into just wearing it for five minutes so I could take pictures.

I love that he is excited about bow-ties. I just wish I could convince him to wear more than just a plain black one. I understand the no pink (even though I think this one was ok).

This bow-tie was made using this free tutorial. It can be made so that you tie it every time like a normal bow-tie, or you can put a hook or velcro in the back so that you just tie it once and then hook it on. Axel is patient enough to wait for me to tie it, but a little guy would be too wiggly.

Boy's Bow-tie $10 ~ You choose the Fabric

Tutorial: Decoupage a Composition Notebook

I have to warn you, these things are addicting. They are simple, creative, fun… You won’t be able to stop with just one! If you’re anything like me, you’ll keep coming up with new themes, color schemes, and pictures you want to use. But don’t worry, they are cheap too!

My sister and I had made some for the kids a while back and then Axel wanted to make one for Andrew for Father’s Day. We never had a chance, so while Andrew was away all last week we were able to get it done. The kids helped pick out their pictures and they love having notebooks that are just their style. Andrew loves that his was designed by his family!

Gather your Supplies

Supplies Needed:

Composition Notebook (Around $1, found with all the other notebooks and folders)

Good Scissors

Foam Brush (I think I got a pack of 10 for a little over $1, found in the craft paint section)

Mod Podge- I used Matte, but it also comes in glossy. I was able to make about 30 notebooks with one large bottle. And no, I’m not that crazy! I was teaching a class of 3rd-5th graders. (Around $10 for a large bottle, found in the craft adhesives section)

Old Magazines, Calendars, etc. Just don’t use something like newspaper, because the ink will smear. Nature and wildlife magazines have great pictures in them, but I found many of the pictures on Andrew’s notebook in my Parenting magazine.

Start Cutting

Don’t be timid. Cut more than you think you’ll need. I like to go through the magazines and tear out things I think I’ll use, and then go through the pile and trim them later. That way if I change my mind on the style of my notebook, I didn’t waste time cutting, and I have a lot to choose from. You can cut them out some super neat and on the lines or do some big and rounded. Words and letters are fun too. When I taught my class on these to the elementary students, some of them used letters to spell their names.

Choose a Filler Image

It is nice to have a large picture to start with as your base. You may be surprised at where you find them too. The pink on both of the girl’s notebooks is from a Splenda advertisement! Don’t worry about what it says, because you will be covering up a large majority of it.

Start With Your Filler

When you are all done cutting out everything you are going to want to make a bit of a plan before you start with the Mod Podge. Lay your filler down and then place your other pictures where you think you want them. Most likely once you start gluing you will move things a bit, but it is good to know how everything goes together.

Make A Plan

It is ok to let the pictures hang over the edges. We will take care of that later. Make sure you plan for wrapping around the binding though. My sister has one that is a long image that stretches from the front to the back. It is pretty neat. At this point you may want to take a digital picture to reference if you want to remember exactly how everything is.

Start Applying Your Images

Use the foam brush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the backs of your images and place them on your notebook. Only do one piece at a time. Mod Podge dries super quickly, so you want to work fast with each piece. It is ok if you get some on the front of the images, but don’t lay them upside down in some of your mess while you are applying the adhesive to the backs. The paper will tear when you go to pick it up. You also want to be certain before you place your images because there is no moving them once you stick them. You could tear them off and use a different image, but again, the paper will tear. Be careful not to use so much Mod Podge that it goops over the edges because then your pages will stick together.

Apply Your Topcoat

Once you have everything where you want it, open up your notebook and lay it flat. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire cover. Again, be careful not to use too much around the edges. Make sure you get into the binding crack. While you are applying the top layer check to see if you have any loose corners on any of your images, and paste them down. It will look at little cloudy, but don’t worry because it will dry clear.

Trim The Edges

After the Mod Podge is completely dry (trust me it will be way easier if it is dry) trim all the excess off your edges.


The Mira

My momma asked me the other day why I hadn’t named any dresses after my own girlies. I told her that I did, but then I realized I never told anyone about it! (Well, there are pics up on my facebook page.) This dress suits my girly girl with all the fun fabric to twirl. And don’t worry, The Evangeline is on it’s way! Oh, and just for the record, Miracle really does not like being called Mira but I didn’t want to name a dress The Miracle. It just didn’t sound right! haha. 


This one is a touch too small for her because it actually isn’t hers. (I would never dream of making something for her that isn’t pink or purple!) She was gracious enough to put it on for a few pictures though. Oh, and that fantastic headband is courtesy of Miss Greyley. We are the proud owners of several of these fantastic wire creations. I told the girls we were going to all share them together, but I may have hid one in my room, just to keep it safe.

I told you! So fun for twirling. I made this dress using a pattern I got from Jocole. It was an excellent pattern to work with and I learned a few new tricks too.

The pattern didn’t actually call for a tie in the back, but I added it on. Andrew was super impressed that I made ‘a real dress’ and that I ‘just added on a tie’. lol. He has been my biggest fan in my new sewing venture- well, he may be tied with the girls.

"The Mira" size NB-5T $40 without tie, $43 with tie


The Gabby

I can hardly contain my excitement over this dress. I searched etsy for days looking for the perfect dress pattern and finally came across one from So Tei-Tei that I knew was perfect. It took me a couple tries to figure out some of the pattern directions, but in the end I love the result. I also learned a few tips to help me with my other dresses.

(Miracle's goofy smile is a result of her not wanting to model a dress that has so much green in it. Diva!)

This particular dress was made for a little lady at my church and I choose the style and fabric out just for her so I figured it appropriate to name it after her as well. There are more pics over on my facebook page as well as ordering information if you are interested. I’m always available through email or just by commenting here too!

There really isn't a front or back, so you could tie the bow on either side.

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