New Sunscreen

I recently read that your sunscreen expires after a year. So throw out those leftovers from last year, get some new stuff, and try some of these outdoor summer activities!

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One Weird Summer

Here it is. A new beginning. I feel like my first post has to cover so much, or explain everything, or be just perfect. I think I’ll just dive right into it…

Summer has not been the same this time around. The first half of last summer was so amazing. We were out at the beach/park/zoo almost every day. The second half I had a newborn and well, pretty much stayed in the air conditioning. If you know me at all you know I love summer. I have threatened to move to California, and just love being outside enjoying the weather. The crazy weather in the spring threw me a curve ball this year, and now I just can’t get into it. I finally have been out a few times the last couple of weeks and feel like I am finally getting the most out of summer. (even though it is almost August)

We started a toddler playgroup at church and had a blast at our first meeting. Hopefully we can build some new friendships through that for me and the kids!

toddler playgroup

toddler playgroup

 Last Sunday we attended the church picnic and enjoyed the summer a little too much. Axel ended up with heat exhaustion and had a headache, fever and vomitting all night. Praise the Lord he is alright!

church picnic

church picnic

 I am fortunate to have an amazing sister who I can entrust my children too, and on Tuesday she took Miracle for me and I took Axel, Jack and Ella to Como Town. We really had a great time and already have another trip back planned.

como town teacups

Como town teacups

Besides the rides, we love checking out the baby orangutan and the butterfly tent. It is fun to watch the babies as the butterflies are going right past their heads. They get so excited when one is close enough for them to get a good look. It helps that the tent is shaped and colored like a monarch caterpillar as well.
The Butterfly Tent

The Butterfly Tent

So, has the summer been weird for anyone else? Or do I just need to get with the program? Any great ideas for a one, two and three year old?
I’m off to make a tutu🙂 
And clean my house:(