Pinspired for Baby

When I realized that I had done absolutely nothing to get ready for baby, I suddenly panicked and for some reason turned to my sewing machine.  The kids and I went to the fabric store and I let them help pick out some fabric for our baby and some for my sister’s baby. I know new babies get bombarded with blankets, but I wanted some special from me.

I had pinned a post from delia creates on some sweet and simple swaddling blankets and since I had just been gifted a hand me down serger that I had no idea how to use (I had no idea how to use any serger for that matter) it seemed like a perfect easy project to start with.

Can you tell Miracle picked this one?

I love flannel receiving blankets, but most of them are so tiny. These are such a great size! And I am pleased to say I mostly figured out my serger. Axel picked out some fabric for Auntie Amber’s baby too, but I forgot to take a picture of that one. I highly recommend this quick, easy and inexpensive project. They make excellent baby gifts!

I love this fabric!

I had another Pin for an embellished minky blanket from the fiCkle piCkle. Originally I was drawn to the embellished aspect of the blanket, but when it came time to add them I changed my mind. I was afraid of possible choking hazards and I didn’t want them to get in the way of coziness.

I normally would never have chosen this fabric, but I love it so much!

This is another simple project and great baby gift. Once again, I love the size and I tested the snuggle factor on my other kiddos. These blankets are fantastic. The minky can be a bit tricky to work with, but just take your time measuring and pinning and you will be fine. Also, make sure you buy the minky on sale or with a coupon or it can get pricy.

I loved the first one so much I had to make a second!

Of course I made one for my sister too. I wanted the babies to be matching so I used the same green minky. Then for a matching onesie, I cut out one of the rectangles from the flannel fabric and stitched it on. I also cut out some of the flowers from baby girls flannel and stitched it on a onesie for her. LOVE!

Possibly my new 'go-to' baby gift!


The Evangeline

I just absolutely love this dress. I’ll apologize right now for all the pictures in this post…

It doesn’t help that my model is so stinkin cute!

When I first started looking for dress patterns I didn’t really care for this one at all, but I saw someone wearing something similar and decided to try it out. I love it and everything about it! It is so feminine and lovely and the big bow on the back is dreamy.

The Evangeline was made from this tutorial from Sew Happy by Carrie and I was impressed with the tutorial and pattern, as well as the excellent communication from Carrie. Please know that the sizes do run large though!

The Evangeline. Sizes 18months- 5T. $35

The Mira

My momma asked me the other day why I hadn’t named any dresses after my own girlies. I told her that I did, but then I realized I never told anyone about it! (Well, there are pics up on my facebook page.) This dress suits my girly girl with all the fun fabric to twirl. And don’t worry, The Evangeline is on it’s way! Oh, and just for the record, Miracle really does not like being called Mira but I didn’t want to name a dress The Miracle. It just didn’t sound right! haha. 


This one is a touch too small for her because it actually isn’t hers. (I would never dream of making something for her that isn’t pink or purple!) She was gracious enough to put it on for a few pictures though. Oh, and that fantastic headband is courtesy of Miss Greyley. We are the proud owners of several of these fantastic wire creations. I told the girls we were going to all share them together, but I may have hid one in my room, just to keep it safe.

I told you! So fun for twirling. I made this dress using a pattern I got from Jocole. It was an excellent pattern to work with and I learned a few new tricks too.

The pattern didn’t actually call for a tie in the back, but I added it on. Andrew was super impressed that I made ‘a real dress’ and that I ‘just added on a tie’. lol. He has been my biggest fan in my new sewing venture- well, he may be tied with the girls.

"The Mira" size NB-5T $40 without tie, $43 with tie


The Gabby

I can hardly contain my excitement over this dress. I searched etsy for days looking for the perfect dress pattern and finally came across one from So Tei-Tei that I knew was perfect. It took me a couple tries to figure out some of the pattern directions, but in the end I love the result. I also learned a few tips to help me with my other dresses.

(Miracle's goofy smile is a result of her not wanting to model a dress that has so much green in it. Diva!)

This particular dress was made for a little lady at my church and I choose the style and fabric out just for her so I figured it appropriate to name it after her as well. There are more pics over on my facebook page as well as ordering information if you are interested. I’m always available through email or just by commenting here too!

There really isn't a front or back, so you could tie the bow on either side.

Fantastic Custom Order

I had a custom order this past week that I am so excited about! My customer asked for me to sew her something she could put a notepad and pen into.  I absolutely loved the result!

There is a large pocket, small pocket, and two spaces for pens. I am going to make another one for myself and use it for grocery shopping. I can put my notebook into the large pocket and my coupons into the smaller one. (I’m not such a super couponer yet that I would need more than that. I am playing around with a coupon organizer idea though.)

And, I have a custom order to make two more (one for business cards and one for a passport). I went to the fabric store and bought a bunch of different fabrics. There were a ton on sale and I may have went a little overboard. Miracle was with me and she kept saying, “ohhh, I just love that one.” Fun!

(I listed this in my Etsy shop if you are interested or you can contact me if you want one.)

Also, Axel and Miracle had a birthday party last weekend for our not so little anymore buddy Jack. The kids choose bean bags for his gift and even though I’ve done them a couple times as gifts I agreed. My kids love their bean bags and play with them almost every day. I was running low on boyish fabric, but don’t worry I picked up a few more!

Look What I Did

Thanks for letting me take a few days off. I know you missed me, even if you won’t admit it…. Hello? Mom? Anyone?

I have been super busy, and actually I still am super busy but even if you didn’t miss me, I missed you! I have to show you some of what I’ve been so busy doing!

So without further ado, here is a sneak peak at Evangeline’s Easter dress. This is the first article of clothing I have sewn, and I did it without a pattern or tutorial. I just went with it. I’m sure I probably could have bought something cuter or even cheaper, but it would not have been mommy made! I love it. Evangeline on the other hand is not a fan. I really don’t know why. She cries every time I try and put it on her and she tries to pull the buttons off. She got over it quickly though.

Two things I wish were a little different are the straps (a little too wide) and the bottom trim (not wide enough). There is the possibility of adding some flowers or something to the bottom left corner just to break up the green a little add more pink. I will spend some time searching for ideas over at  Fabric Bows and More. (warning: do not click that link if you have an addiction to headbands, bows or flowers)

So I still have another dress, a tie and three hats to make before Easter. ummm…. YIKES!

Also today I did this quick ruching shirt refashion project. (Literallly, five minutes.) I got the idea over at A Little Tipsy and it is a perfectly fantastic way to give shirts that are too baggy or too long a little make over. I found a tshirt on clearance at Old Navy over the weekend for $3 but it hung a little funny so I gave this a shot. The bunches now nicely hide some of my ‘problem areas’ and it was so easy! I told Andrew I might go a little overboard on my tshirt drawer. He said he has no doubt that I will. He also said it might be a little weird if all my shirts looked like this. What does he know though right?

Oh, and I have kinda good news! My camera repairs will most likely be covered by the warranty (great news!) but unfortunately it has to be sent to Japan. That means we have to deal with cell phone pics for another 6-8 weeks and possibly longer because of the tsunami.

Well, that’s enough of a break for me. I’m off to finish the million projects I have going on right now.

A Big Project Ahead

I have taken on a pretty hefty task for the new sewer that I am! My kiddos will (hopefully) be wearing matching momma made goodies for Easter. I will keep you updated as if I complete each project. I purchased a couple of patterns for a tie for Axel and hats for all three of them.

A Tie for Axel

A Hat for Axel
The Same Hat With A Little Flair For The Girls

And then I will be doing dresses for the girls. I’m not sure exactly what. Probably a simple pillowcase dress, but I really want to do something with cute little buttons on the front. I’m still playing around with that thought.

Free Reversible Dress Tutorial From polkadotbug

I purchased three different fabrics. A springy girly one, a gender neutral co-ordinating one, and a tan cordury one (for the hats). I’ll be mixing and matching the fabrics so that they all have some of the neutral fabric and the girls both have the girly fabric but in different places. I think. Does that make any sense?

Wish me luck!

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