Ella’s Seventh

My sweet niece Ella turned seven last week. This girl has a special place in my heart. She was born just a few months before Axel and they grew up like siblings. They fight like siblings, but they also love like siblings. They take care of each other and watch out for each other.

When Ella was 2 she used to call me “Auntie Mommy.” How sweet is that? I wanted to make Ella a dress for her birthday but with VBS and the planning and prep that went into it, I just didn’t have time. Axel thought she would like make up which got me thinking jewelry and so we gave her a scrabble tile pendant from Maybe Kinda Crafty. As luck would have it, the scrabble tile actually had the letter E (for Ella) on the back so it worked out perfectly.

I know you can’t see the actual pendant, but it is bright and colorful, just like Ella.

Happy Number Seven Elle Belle!!



A Mailbox Full of Fun

I love getting mail. Most days are mostly bills and junk, but every once in a while there is some extra special fun in my mailbox. Today was indeed a very fun day.

There was a Blockbuster movie (Heroes, season one-disc 5). Yes, my husband has talked me into watching Heroes with him. The guy at Blockbuster made fun of me because I close my eyes during the icky gross parts but I still watch it. It is a good story!

Next was a box of ribbon I ordered from carouselfreak on etsy. It was a priority box full of mystery ribbon… Pretty good. Lots of colors and a great deal. There were over 40 spools of ribbon stuffed in that box for only $15 including shipping. Most of them were narrow and will be perfect for my tags. I was hoping for some wider ones because I’m going to make Miracle some hair clips tomorrow but it was still a box full of fun surprises.

The final bit of fun in my mailbox was a scrabble tile pendant I ordered from HomeStudio (also on etsy). It is so cute. Even cuter in person I must say. I have been looking at scrabble tile pendants for a long time and just not committed to one. HomeStudio has so many cute choices plus they are offering free shipping for the month of October.  I am loving the owl craze right now and see this as mommy me and my two babies:) Such a reasonable price, and they packaged it so nice. If you are looking for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers these come ready to give!