Belly Pics

I am so grateful to finally have that amazing family photo you saw yesterday as well as some beautiful pregnancy photos. I haven’t been much of a belly pic girl and so now that we are on #4 and most likely the final pregnancy it was suddenly important to me to capture the beauty of life.

My amazing husband took and edited all these photos (and more). He is so fantastic. Sometimes I get a little annoyed because I dreamed for so long of having a nice camera, and Andrew got me one for Christmas but he is so much better at using it than I am! Oh well, at least someone knows how… Learning is on my to-do list.

Evangeline has always been a little obsessed with my belly. Now that it has grown I think that is all she sees when she looks up at me. She always says, “I like your belly” and then kisses it. Or when she gets tired she will cry, “Belly, belly, belly” and want to rub her hand or cheek on my stomach. It gets a little overwhelming for me but Andrew keeps telling me I’ll miss it when she grows out of it. We’ll see.