Too Many/Not Enough

I have noticed that when I am really having a fun time I either take way too many pictures because I want to capture every moment, or not enough because I’m having such a great time I forget all about pics. Last night was one of the no pic nights. We had planned on going camping with some good friends of ours, but it just wasn’t working out. So instead, we had a bonfire and sleepover. Hot dogs and smores? Yes please!

I did snap a picture of Evangeline while we were setting up. She was so excited about the marshmallows. I just thought she looked funny at her little picnic table with all the food!

The original plan was to sleep in the tent in the yard, but by the end of the bonfire the kids were already too cold and they were all more than happy to go in and watch a movie. They then built forts in their bedrooms and settled down for the night. It went so smoothly and everyone slept great and played awesome all morning! 

And one more shot of them all chowing down chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, eggs and oj!

Then this afternoon all the stars magically aligned and I was able to get out and play with my two besties! Between the three of us there are 6 kids under the age of 6 and so for a last minute get-together to happen with only one very well behaved baby it was super exciting (and always much needed)!

We went to a Ginormous Clothes Swap that Jill from Spoils of Wear put together (with lots of help I’m sure) and it was great. I originally didn’t think I would be able to make it but when we cancelled our camping plans, my day opened up! I was getting dressed this morning and got extremely mad at my closet and bagged up three garbage bags full of clothes! Then I remembered today was clothes swap day so I called up my BFF’s and talked them into coming with me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the environment was extremely low key and welcoming. We just arrived and gave them our clothes and they had everything out neatly organized by size and item. I came home with a few fun new finds that I’m really hoping I can incorporate into my wardrobe! 

I’m thinking a kids clothes/toy swap is in order…. Anyone?



My ‘Secret’ Project

I posted a little teaser on Facebook a few days ago about a ‘secret’ project. There was really no reason that it was a secret other than it was just more fun for me that way. Last week I whipped up a new dress style (more on that later) and made… matching clothes for all the kiddos!

It was fun for me, fun for them… Ok, ok, Axel did not agree with the pink bow tie. Actually, he did not agree with any bow tie other than black. But he really, really, really wanted a black bow tie! (more on the bow ties later too)

So I got them all dressed up and took them out to get some good pictures.  Unfortunately it was hot, windy and nap time. I ended up taking almost 200 pics in 15 minutes and then calling it quits. Oh the joys of digital!

Andrew has been trying to convince me to use iPhoto for some time now, so I played around on it a bit and I have to admit it was pretty fun. I still think Andrew does better at it than me, but I’m sure he’ll just edit them again later anyway.

My Four Year Old

My princess ballerina turned four this week.

We partied it up.

There was good food,

lots of friends,

and of course presents.

I made her a pink party dress,

and we did what my girly girl loves best.

Happy Birthday Miracle!

Easter Pics- Better Late Than Never?

I finally got my camera back! I am so excited. Funny story, when my camera broke I went to pull out my old point and shoot but I couldn’t find it. The day I got my lens back from repairs I found my other camera. Ha! Guess we were destined to record the last several months in cell phone pics… What did we do before smart phones? Good news is the repairs were totally covered under the warranty and I got lots of practice using my super zoom lens. At Easter I was joking with everyone that they had to stand far away if they wanted their pictures!

Here are a few of the shots I got of my awesome family at Easter. We spent the day at my (step)dads with his fiance Julie and her mom as well as my siblings. It was so fun. I’ll have to add an album onto facebook because there are way too many good pics to share.

Ironing and Ice

Apparently in order for your sewing projects to turn out you must iron. I don’t iron. At our house, if something needs to be ironed it goes in the way back of the closet. The iron only comes out on very special occasions. But, I decided that I want my things to turn out, so I caved and will now become one who irons. Andrew will be pleased.

I have a whole list of sewing accessories and fun things that I want. Particularly for organization and storage. This is a little sample of what I am starting out with:

My sewing bag is filled with random fabric scraps I have collected. I also have several different colors of thread to get me started. My pincushion I purchased on etsy but it has seen better days, so I think that will have to be one of my projects.

One of my favorites of these is the needle case. My roommate from college sent it to me as a surprise a while back. (Thanks again Heather!) It is so cute and useful as well. I actually wish I used it more in the past. Story time…. One day I stuck a needle in my throw pillow and forgot about it. That is until I stepped on the pillow and the large embroidery needle went about two inches into my heel. Yeah, that hurt. I’m just thankful it was my heel and not my face (or one of the kids’).

Also in the top picture is my cute little table top ironing board I got for around $4 at Goodwill and the bag of presser feet that came with my sewing machine. There weren’t any instructions with the presser feet, but I found descriptions on the Singer website, and Sew, Mama, Sew also has a great post on when to use some of them. I have a pretty good collection now, but would love to get a ruffler in the future.

In a totally unrelated subject, the frost on my windows is so cool! I just have to share a couple of pictures with you.