Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here and this rainy dreary day is perfect for cranking up the music and getting some spring cleaning done. I think I am going to tackle my bedroom. After that Miracle has requested baking chocolate chip cookies and I’m sure a cup of chai will be in order.

Happy Cleaning!


Kitchen Gloves Diva Style

Cotton Crocheted Dishclothes

Laundry Soap Powder

Reusable Cotton Swiffer Cover

Gourmet Glam Apron

Organic Botanical Room Spray

2 Sided Dusting Mit


Pounce – Undiscovered

Etsy has a search function where you can look at new shops that have not yet made a sale. It can be a little addicting. I love seeing all the new shops and finding new things to want. Here are a few fun shops I found tonight (you can click on the image to link to the item):


Blooming Accent


A Little Touch of Heaven


Gould Threads


Rachelle Sizemore


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Thursday Treasures

I love hats on my babies so I thought this week I would include you on my quest for some new ones for fall!

(remember, all Thursday Treasures are on sale and you can click on an image to be directed to the item/etsy shop.)

Organic Cotton Custom Baby Hat With Bow

Beanie Cap With Jeweled Peony Clip

Beanie Cap With Jeweled Peony Clip

Tunisian Jester Hat

Tunisian Jester Hat

Organic Knotted Hat

Organic Knotted Hat

Ecru Beanie - Any Size and Color

Ecru Beanie - Any Size and Color