Miracle’s Easter Dress

I finished Miracle’s dress yesterday, and it turned out pretty good too. It is a little different style than Evangeline’s, and I messed up on it a little more (I’m just not going to tell how/where.). She absolutely loves it though. When she tried it on for the first time I asked her if she liked it and she jumped on me, grabbed my neck and yelled, “I love it!” I have decided that for the  next few clothing items I do I will buy patterns. It maybe wasn’t such a great idea to try and come up with my own on my first try!

And thank you so much for the great response I received through here and on Facebook from yesterday’s post about my new notepad/journal holder. I received two more custom orders and am so excited!

Busy, Busy, Busy!! ❤


Fantastic Custom Order

I had a custom order this past week that I am so excited about! My customer asked for me to sew her something she could put a notepad and pen into.  I absolutely loved the result!

There is a large pocket, small pocket, and two spaces for pens. I am going to make another one for myself and use it for grocery shopping. I can put my notebook into the large pocket and my coupons into the smaller one. (I’m not such a super couponer yet that I would need more than that. I am playing around with a coupon organizer idea though.)

And, I have a custom order to make two more (one for business cards and one for a passport). I went to the fabric store and bought a bunch of different fabrics. There were a ton on sale and I may have went a little overboard. Miracle was with me and she kept saying, “ohhh, I just love that one.” Fun!

(I listed this in my Etsy shop if you are interested or you can contact me if you want one.)

Also, Axel and Miracle had a birthday party last weekend for our not so little anymore buddy Jack. The kids choose bean bags for his gift and even though I’ve done them a couple times as gifts I agreed. My kids love their bean bags and play with them almost every day. I was running low on boyish fabric, but don’t worry I picked up a few more!

Girly Bedroom Organization

I spent way too much time organizing in the girl’s room today. It mostly consisted of packing away winter/ too small clothes and pulling out spring and summer clothes. I really could not believe how long it took me to do this! Their room is so tiny that I would never imagine spending that much time in there doing anything. Oh well, it’s done now….except for their headbands. I made them a tutu hairbow holder a while back for all their clips, but their headbands have grown out of control!

Here are some ideas for organizing the little girlie’s bedrooms (including a couple for those pesky headbands)! Enjoy.


Princess Headband Holder

Personalized Princess Bucket

Hairbow Holder plus Hooks for Headbands

Personalized Basket

Fly Away Flutterby Bow Holder

Princess Book Storage

Organizer Basket Fabric Bin

3D Letter Shelves

Butterfly Tin