Ella’s Seventh

My sweet niece Ella turned seven last week. This girl has a special place in my heart. She was born just a few months before Axel and they grew up like siblings. They fight like siblings, but they also love like siblings. They take care of each other and watch out for each other.

When Ella was 2 she used to call me “Auntie Mommy.” How sweet is that? I wanted to make Ella a dress for her birthday but with VBS and the planning and prep that went into it, I just didn’t have time. Axel thought she would like make up which got me thinking jewelry and so we gave her a scrabble tile pendant from Maybe Kinda Crafty. As luck would have it, the scrabble tile actually had the letter E (for Ella) on the back so it worked out perfectly.

I know you can’t see the actual pendant, but it is bright and colorful, just like Ella.

Happy Number Seven Elle Belle!!



The Evangeline

I just absolutely love this dress. I’ll apologize right now for all the pictures in this post…

It doesn’t help that my model is so stinkin cute!

When I first started looking for dress patterns I didn’t really care for this one at all, but I saw someone wearing something similar and decided to try it out. I love it and everything about it! It is so feminine and lovely and the big bow on the back is dreamy.

The Evangeline was made from this tutorial from Sew Happy by Carrie and I was impressed with the tutorial and pattern, as well as the excellent communication from Carrie. Please know that the sizes do run large though!

The Evangeline. Sizes 18months- 5T. $35


I usually hand stitch all my onesies with some pretty, contrasting embroidery thread, but now that I know how to use a sewing machine I thought I would give it a shot. I still love the look of the thicker embroidery thread, but I’m not sure it can compete with how fast these onesies were finished!

A Sweet Little Birdie for Evie

She likes it, but I have to fight her to wear anything other than a dress!

A late birthday gift for Isaac. Such a serious face!

This guy has the best laugh! Straight from his big baby belly ❤

If you’re interested, I have several more in my etsy shop. (I also have a guitar one I haven’t listed yet.) Applique onesies are so fun and they make a perfect baby or first birthday gift. The older ones love them too. Miracle went and found a t-shirt while I was making these so I can make something for her. I’m sure it will be girly and pink! I’m also sending another out as a baby shower gift, but I can’t find the picture of it. You’ll have to trust me on that handmade gift!

The Adeline

The Adeline

For sweet little Adeline’s birthday I named a dress after her! I have been looking for a good pillowcase dress tutorial for a while, and I finally found one that I love! Initially it took me forever to find one I liked because I was trying to avoid binding. But it is so easy to make your own (and it is described well in this tutorial) and now that I have done it a few times I’m not so scared of sewing armpits anymore! Pretty much now that I have figured out binding and armpits (use lots of pins!) I feel like I can conquer the world (or at least pillowcase dresses).

My Awesome Armpit Handiwork

I have big plans for The Adeline. I can add a contrasting band of fabric around the bottom, use a  wider ribbon (for the tie), use one long ribbon instead of two short ones, use matching fabric instead of ribbon…. Pillowcase dresses are so awesome because they are light and cool for the summer, but when it gets chilly you can throw a long sleeve tee under it with some jeans or leggings and you are set! Also, as your child grows the dress just turns into a top. They are generally one size fits most, so all you really need to do is adjust the length.

Evangeline has to try on everything I make, but she proves my point! It works as a top too.

And they are quick and simple! There are a million free tutorials out there, but I used this one. Her pattern is made to typically fit a 3T-5T but I just shortened it for Adeline. (It’s her first bday today!) Of course, if you don’t want to make it yourself you know I would love to. The Adeline is $16 without the contrasting band, and $18 with. Email me at lovealwaysxox at gmail dot com or leave a comment here with your email.

The Adeline ~ $16-$18


The Madilyn

I finished up this fun custom order last week for a friend from church. She ordered them for her granddaughters and I can not wait to see pictures of them in their new outfits!

This dress is reversible! How cool is that? The hats are reversible too so you could just change up their little outfits like crazy.

I love this dress because it is so versatile. You can wear it by itself in the summer and if the weather gets chilly, just throw a long sleeve shirt under it with some tights or leggings and it looks cute that way too.

"The Madilyn" ~ $28 (size 3mths- 5T)

This dress was made from a tutorial I purchased over at Sweet Kid 3. I wasn’t super impressed with the tutorial, but with a few adjustments and some common sense, it got the job done! Feel free to contact me at lovealwaysxox at gmail dot com if you are interested in ordering. You can also see more pictures over on my facebook page.

Reversible Newsboy Cap ~ $18.50

A Big Project Ahead

I have taken on a pretty hefty task for the new sewer that I am! My kiddos will (hopefully) be wearing matching momma made goodies for Easter. I will keep you updated as if I complete each project. I purchased a couple of patterns for a tie for Axel and hats for all three of them.

A Tie for Axel

A Hat for Axel
The Same Hat With A Little Flair For The Girls

And then I will be doing dresses for the girls. I’m not sure exactly what. Probably a simple pillowcase dress, but I really want to do something with cute little buttons on the front. I’m still playing around with that thought.

Free Reversible Dress Tutorial From polkadotbug

I purchased three different fabrics. A springy girly one, a gender neutral co-ordinating one, and a tan cordury one (for the hats). I’ll be mixing and matching the fabrics so that they all have some of the neutral fabric and the girls both have the girly fabric but in different places. I think. Does that make any sense?

Wish me luck!

Girly Bedroom Organization

I spent way too much time organizing in the girl’s room today. It mostly consisted of packing away winter/ too small clothes and pulling out spring and summer clothes. I really could not believe how long it took me to do this! Their room is so tiny that I would never imagine spending that much time in there doing anything. Oh well, it’s done now….except for their headbands. I made them a tutu hairbow holder a while back for all their clips, but their headbands have grown out of control!

Here are some ideas for organizing the little girlie’s bedrooms (including a couple for those pesky headbands)! Enjoy.


Princess Headband Holder

Personalized Princess Bucket

Hairbow Holder plus Hooks for Headbands

Personalized Basket

Fly Away Flutterby Bow Holder

Princess Book Storage

Organizer Basket Fabric Bin

3D Letter Shelves

Butterfly Tin

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