Axel begged and begged me to make him a bow-tie. He wanted to come to the fabric store with me to pick out fabric. In my mind I was imagining all the fun fabrics we could use. He chose black.

All he wanted  was a plain black bow-tie. I tried a brown striped fabric, some black, blue and red fabric and just about every other fabric I saw. Just black. He was so excited about it though! And he was so proud to wear it.

I begged him to wear a pink polka dot one to match his sisters dresses. I even tried bribing him. He said he wouldn’t do it for a million dollars. He wouldn’t even do it for one hundred dollars. I finally talked him into just wearing it for five minutes so I could take pictures.

I love that he is excited about bow-ties. I just wish I could convince him to wear more than just a plain black one. I understand the no pink (even though I think this one was ok).

This bow-tie was made using this free tutorial. It can be made so that you tie it every time like a normal bow-tie, or you can put a hook or velcro in the back so that you just tie it once and then hook it on. Axel is patient enough to wait for me to tie it, but a little guy would be too wiggly.

Boy's Bow-tie $10 ~ You choose the Fabric


Stylish Blogger and a Giveaway

My super fantastic cousin Anne over at The Drankas gave me a Stylish Blogger Award a week or so ago and my lazy self has taken a while to ‘accept’. I was just saving it for something special. Just yesterday I reached 200 posts and so I figured that was probably about as special as it is gonna get around here.

As with any really awesome award, there are some responsibilities that go along with it. They are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.

Thanks, Anne! It is so fun to read about the going ons in your sweet family. Your life is so different than mine and so it is fun to see what other people consider to be ‘normal’. I am so excited for your little one on the way and can’t wait to meet her and read about your new adventures as a parent.

2. Share 7 things about yourself. (I decided to share 7 things about my blog, is that ok with you?)

  • I really am not much of a writer. (But you all probably have figured that out by now.) I’m just here because I enjoy it and every once in a while I feel like I just might have something that someone may find interesting.
  • My photos could stand to be improved. My amazing husband bought me a Nikon D3100 for Christmas. It came complete with classes so I could learn how to use it properly and everything. We were even looking into getting me some photo editing software. Awesome me broke it last week. Nice.
  • I don’t like when blogs are super duper cluttered up and I get super finicky about how mine looks. This is kinda bad because I don’t really know too much about techie stuff so it takes me a while to figure things out. I’m getting there though.
  • My blog changes themes a lot. First I just felt like I had something to say, then I thought it would help out my Etsy shop, then I wanted you to learn sewing with me (still working on that but currently discouraged because my iPad was recently lost/stolen with all my bookmarked links- this is not a good week for me in the electronic device area), and then I wanted to share my handmade gifts project with you. Now I am so happy to just be me and combine all of it.
  • I wish when you hovered on my page links that the color didn’t turn to red. (Remember? Finicky yes, techie no.)
  • I used to post once a day, once a week, once a month…. whatever I felt like. I actually went a whole year without making a post. Now I get bummed if I miss one day.
  • I really am enjoying blogging! I hope you are enjoying my blog as much as I am. Thanks for reading!

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

Hmmm…. I think I’m gonna skip this one. If you look in my sidebar, I have taken time to link up a ton of awesome blogs. If you are reading this, and you blog, and you wish to be awarded as a “Stylish Blogger,” then consider yourself tagged. I know you’re stylish! Make sure you comment back here with the link so we can all find you (I’ll even count it as an extra giveaway entry).

Didn’t I say something about a giveaway? Oh yes! To celebrate my 200th post AND my stylish blogginess I am giving away this sweet little set of spring notecards.


Click on the picture for more details about the notecards.

How do you enter? There is only one requirement to enter to win these notecards:

1. Leave a comment on this post. (Required)

Would you like some extra (optional) entires? Please leave a separate comment for each thing that you do.

1. Subscribe to my blog.

2. Like my Facebook page.

Winning entry will be verified, so make sure you play by the rules! Giveaway is only open to US residents because of those crazy shipping costs. Sorry! Good luck. I will choose a winner on April 1st.

St. Patrick’s Day Food and Treats Ideas

Rainbow Waffles from *Random Thoughts of a Supermom*

I am always looking for fun ideas of things to do with the kids and this year I have been especially interested in making holiday inspired treats. These are the things that the kids will remember! Toys and clothes are broken and outgrown but memories tend to stick.

Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats from thirty handmade days

After coming across many fabulous ideas for St. Patrick’s Day I decided to put them all in one place so you and I can both find them more easily. A special thanks to tatertots & jello because several of these ideas I found from her Facebook posts!

Fruit Fun-Fetti Cupcakes from the MOTHERLOAD

Rainbow Pancakes, Cupcakes, Cherry Jigglers and more are linked up here at Pizzazzerie.



St. Patrick’s Day is also my brother’s birthday and favorite holiday. I think I might try to make some of these up and send to him.

Shamrock Pretzel Snacks from Sun Scholars

Fruit Rainbows, Leprechaun Legs, Shamrock Shakes, and so much more linked up on this blog post from My Delicious Ambiguity.

My Delicious Ambiguity

And for those of you who don’t feel like baking, these really would be a ‘sweet treat’.


Sweet Pot of Gold from CraftOManiac

This last one is my favorite. I think I’ll save it for Miracle’s Birthday this summer!


Rainbow Birthday Cake from Sew Dang Cute crafts

Finally, It’s Giveaway Time!!!

(This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered, and stay tuned for more coming up!)

Yeah! I am so excited. I have been teasing my facebook fans about a giveaway for some time now. I knew that I wanted to do a onesie, but I have been so busy I just have not had time to make up new ones. Yesterday and today I finally made myself focus, and cranked out a bunch of new onesies.

I made these ones for Evangeline. I wanted to get the pictures taken before the sunlight went away (even though they still didn’t turn out that great) so I took the pics before I did the stitching around the edges. I’ll post more pictures later so you can see the finished product. I always think they look so much better with the stitching.

Then I made this one for the etsy shop. It is a tshirt instead of a onesie. You can click on the picture to see the listing.

I made this one for etsy too, but it isn’t listed yet. I still have to do the stitching.

There are a few more onesies in my etsy shop, and you can also see pics of all the ones I have done on my facebook page (the elephant is my favorite).

So, are you ready for the giveaway?!?!?! I am giving away one longsleeved onesie size 6-9 months. You can choose one of the following two onesies. I made the sweet little birdie for the girls, and the tie for the boys.

What do you have to do to enter? Leave a comment. That’s it. Let me know how excited you are, how much you hope you win, or maybe which one you would choose. (Heck, I may even be persuaded to let you pick a different one from my etsy shop if you ask nicely.)

Want more chances? I’m going to give you lots. This giveaway is a bit of a promotional thing for me, so the more you help me get my name out there, the more chances you’ll have to win a onesie. Please leave a comment for each of the following things that you do.

1. Follow my blog. There is a spot in the sidebar on the right where you can enter your email.

2. ‘Like’ LoveAlways, XOX on Facebook.

3. ‘Share’ LoveAlways, XOX on Facebook.

4. Comment with your favorite item in my etsy shop.

5. Share one of my etsy items on your facebook page. Comment with the item that you shared.

6. Blog about this giveaway. Leave me a link to your blog post.

7. Share this giveaway on Facebook.

Is that enough? There is potential to have your name in this drawing eight times. Crazy! I will use to draw a winner next week. The giveaway ends Tuesday March 15th at midnight. Unfortunately this giveaway is open to US residents only. Sorry!

Car Cozie

I found a tutorial for a cute little car cozie at My Little Gems. Axel and I decided it would be a good gift for his little buddy Isaac who had his 6th birthday! It turned out pretty good and Axel is wishing for one for his birthday, so I’m hopeful Isaac liked his too. We picked out some Transformer fabric from the scrap bin at Wal-Mart and there was even the matching red in there too. After it was finished Axel chose out one of his cars to include in the gift.

The tutorial was pretty easy to follow, but I wouldn’t have had a clue with the ribbon if I hadn’t done the Tea Wallet just a couple of days before. I think if I make another of these I will use an elastic loop instead.

Over all it turned out pretty good but I really need to get better at measuring! One of the edges ended up a little crooked.

My First Project – Tea Wallet

Finished Project

I was a little nervous about starting my first project. And I picked something a little tricky for a newbie like me! I just took my time though and was patient. The instructions I followed were really good, and I didn’t have much of a hard time at all. I did a few test stitchings on some scraps and then got to it!

Look, I Ironed!

Finally Ready For The Real Deal

The tutorial I followed was from Christy of Is It Naptime Yet? There are lots of pictures and the only problem that I encountered with the directions was that I didn’t put the ribbon directly in the center but I think it still looks great. The directions didn’t state where to put it and I lined it up on the inside with one of the pockets.


One  thing I still have to figure out is that for some reason every time I start out I get a little bunch of stitching. I think it has to do with where my thread is starting (over or under the presser foot)  because on the last stitch where it really counted because you would be able to see the back, it didn’t happen. (Yeah!) Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

Stitching Clumps

I was considering giving this as a gift, but I am having a hard time parting with it. It is my first project and it turned out so great! If I knew it was for me I may have picked different fabrics, but this one is really cute. My only critique is the ribbon/thread color. I chose blue because there are blue accents in the flowered fabric, but the section I cut did not have much blue. It still matches though and I personally love it.


Want to Win a Tutu?

Head on over to the HandmadeMN blog for a chance to win one of my tutus. I am so excited to be doing this giveaway and hopefully get some more exposure to my etsy shop.


Since I am hoping to have a few more visitors over at etsy I spent some time over the weekend taking pictures of some of my new stuff and adding them into my shop. I even made a light box in hopes of a little better photography. I’m still working on some of the details, but they are already turning out better. I didn’t have a white piece of paper big enough, so in some of the pics you can see the seam but I bought a bigger piece yesterday so that won’t be a problem anymore.

You can see all my new stuff at .

Baby Girl Gift Set

Baby Girl Gift Set

Little Cupcake Longsleeve Tee

Little Cupcake Longsleeve Tee

Tweet Tweet Paint Tin

Tweet Tweet Paint Tin

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