Pounce- Just Sold

I am so excited to have made three sales from my Etsy shop this week! I just recently reopened LoveAlways, XOX on etsy and it has been a process for me getting new pictures for my items and relisting everything. It is fun to see my work starting to pay off, and I am looking forward to the future and getting some new projects ready for sale.

To celebrate my sales, I want to share another etsy search item with you. Pounce – Just Sold, shows you items that have been recently purchased. I like seeing what other people are buying, finding new shops, and seeing other’s creative ideas. (Click on the image to link to the seller’s etsy shop.)


The Funky Owl


Sit, Stay, Smile


Chique' Showoffs


Sugar Fresh


House Of Peltier



Pounce – Undiscovered

Etsy has a search function where you can look at new shops that have not yet made a sale. It can be a little addicting. I love seeing all the new shops and finding new things to want. Here are a few fun shops I found tonight (you can click on the image to link to the item):


Blooming Accent


A Little Touch of Heaven


Gould Threads


Rachelle Sizemore


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More Fun

Another project I completed recently! These market bags are so fun. I gave my sisters each one last year for Christmas and they used them for their school books. They loved theirs and said many of their friends have asked where they got them. It is neat to hear that kind of feedback!

Retro Flower

Retro Flower

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Set of 4 Mini Thank You Notes

Set of 4 Mini Thank You Notes