Belly Diaries – Nesting

About a month ago I started nesting in a big way. I stayed up cleaning and shampooing carpets. I did laundry, prepared the baby’s room and organized this and that.

Then I lost it.

I had no desire to clean let alone super clean! I have been tired and worn out. This pregnancy has been a little rough on me. I haven’t been feeling very well and have a serious lack of energy.

The last few days though I have been nesting in a strange way. I must have food on the brain or something. Andrew and I went to Let’s Dish Tuesday and prepared nine meals for when the baby comes. Then Thursday when I went grocery shopping I bought a ton of snack foods.

Ground beef was on sale and so to the massive amount of food already in my freezer I added four 1 pound bags of cooked ground beef and two prepared meatloaves.

I’m starting to feel a little crazy. While I was making the meatloaf (at eight o’ clock yesterday morning) I decided we would want some sweets and that I should freeze some cookie dough too. But alas, I forgot to buy chocolate chips.


A Hubby Free Week

Now don’t get me wrong, I miss my husband extremely. There are just some things that I can’t do when he is around. Like, say, cleaning for example. Two reasons for this. One, I still find myself in car-sales mode. When Andrew was selling cars he was gone so much that on the rare occasion he was home we would drop everything to spend time together. Now that we have been so wonderfully blessed with his new job at Oakwood he has more time to spend with family. So he is home more and I get less done. Second, my husband is a tornado. I think most are. He is very well meaning but I am too picky about things going in their proper place. I would rather clean myself than have him help.

So my house is mostly clean and has been staying that way all week.

And, the kids and I are trying to stay busy. Yesterday we spent a couple hours at Lake Elmo. I braved it with a one, two and three year old. It is funny to me because I always get so overwhelmed at the thought of taking them out by myself but then when I finally do it is never as bad as I thought it was going to be. Miracle had an extra good time and braved it on her own out into the water. Then after Jack left I took Mira and Axel to Como Town and Axel did rides. It was pretty empty and he had several rides to himself. They even let him stay on for a couple of turns.

Axel's Favorite - The Frog Hopper

Axel's Favorite - The Frog Hopper

Wishing She Could Go On The Rides

Wishing She Could Go On The Rides

This morning Axel and I made pancakes. Plain, chocolate chip and blueberry. There are brownies baking and we are getting ready to go to a friends house to scrapbook. Yipee! Some adult conversation for me and some kid-free time. Thanks Dani!


Question of the day…..

What is more important to you – looking good or feeling good? Obvioiusly most of us try to look our best but I am talking about when you look nice – maybe not fantabulous – but you feel great. Or would you prefer to looking great and maybe be a little uncomfortable?

As for me, the question comes because I feel good today. Just a pair of jeans and a tank top. Now, when I look in the mirror I can see that I do not look fantabulous. But I don’t look gross either. I feel good though and that is what I prefer:)