Axel begged and begged me to make him a bow-tie. He wanted to come to the fabric store with me to pick out fabric. In my mind I was imagining all the fun fabrics we could use. He chose black.

All he wanted  was a plain black bow-tie. I tried a brown striped fabric, some black, blue and red fabric and just about every other fabric I saw. Just black. He was so excited about it though! And he was so proud to wear it.

I begged him to wear a pink polka dot one to match his sisters dresses. I even tried bribing him. He said he wouldn’t do it for a million dollars. He wouldn’t even do it for one hundred dollars. I finally talked him into just wearing it for five minutes so I could take pictures.

I love that he is excited about bow-ties. I just wish I could convince him to wear more than just a plain black one. I understand the no pink (even though I think this one was ok).

This bow-tie was made using this free tutorial. It can be made so that you tie it every time like a normal bow-tie, or you can put a hook or velcro in the back so that you just tie it once and then hook it on. Axel is patient enough to wait for me to tie it, but a little guy would be too wiggly.

Boy's Bow-tie $10 ~ You choose the Fabric



I usually hand stitch all my onesies with some pretty, contrasting embroidery thread, but now that I know how to use a sewing machine I thought I would give it a shot. I still love the look of the thicker embroidery thread, but I’m not sure it can compete with how fast these onesies were finished!

A Sweet Little Birdie for Evie

She likes it, but I have to fight her to wear anything other than a dress!

A late birthday gift for Isaac. Such a serious face!

This guy has the best laugh! Straight from his big baby belly ❤

If you’re interested, I have several more in my etsy shop. (I also have a guitar one I haven’t listed yet.) Applique onesies are so fun and they make a perfect baby or first birthday gift. The older ones love them too. Miracle went and found a t-shirt while I was making these so I can make something for her. I’m sure it will be girly and pink! I’m also sending another out as a baby shower gift, but I can’t find the picture of it. You’ll have to trust me on that handmade gift!

Tie Is Done!

I have a crazy busy weekend, but just wanted to show you that I finished Axel’s tie. Axel loves it and so do I!  I’m sure I will be making more.

Happy Weekend!

Fantastic Custom Order

I had a custom order this past week that I am so excited about! My customer asked for me to sew her something she could put a notepad and pen into.  I absolutely loved the result!

There is a large pocket, small pocket, and two spaces for pens. I am going to make another one for myself and use it for grocery shopping. I can put my notebook into the large pocket and my coupons into the smaller one. (I’m not such a super couponer yet that I would need more than that. I am playing around with a coupon organizer idea though.)

And, I have a custom order to make two more (one for business cards and one for a passport). I went to the fabric store and bought a bunch of different fabrics. There were a ton on sale and I may have went a little overboard. Miracle was with me and she kept saying, “ohhh, I just love that one.” Fun!

(I listed this in my Etsy shop if you are interested or you can contact me if you want one.)

Also, Axel and Miracle had a birthday party last weekend for our not so little anymore buddy Jack. The kids choose bean bags for his gift and even though I’ve done them a couple times as gifts I agreed. My kids love their bean bags and play with them almost every day. I was running low on boyish fabric, but don’t worry I picked up a few more!

A Big Project Ahead

I have taken on a pretty hefty task for the new sewer that I am! My kiddos will (hopefully) be wearing matching momma made goodies for Easter. I will keep you updated as if I complete each project. I purchased a couple of patterns for a tie for Axel and hats for all three of them.

A Tie for Axel

A Hat for Axel
The Same Hat With A Little Flair For The Girls

And then I will be doing dresses for the girls. I’m not sure exactly what. Probably a simple pillowcase dress, but I really want to do something with cute little buttons on the front. I’m still playing around with that thought.

Free Reversible Dress Tutorial From polkadotbug

I purchased three different fabrics. A springy girly one, a gender neutral co-ordinating one, and a tan cordury one (for the hats). I’ll be mixing and matching the fabrics so that they all have some of the neutral fabric and the girls both have the girly fabric but in different places. I think. Does that make any sense?

Wish me luck!

Car Cozie

I found a tutorial for a cute little car cozie at My Little Gems. Axel and I decided it would be a good gift for his little buddy Isaac who had his 6th birthday! It turned out pretty good and Axel is wishing for one for his birthday, so I’m hopeful Isaac liked his too. We picked out some Transformer fabric from the scrap bin at Wal-Mart and there was even the matching red in there too. After it was finished Axel chose out one of his cars to include in the gift.

The tutorial was pretty easy to follow, but I wouldn’t have had a clue with the ribbon if I hadn’t done the Tea Wallet just a couple of days before. I think if I make another of these I will use an elastic loop instead.

Over all it turned out pretty good but I really need to get better at measuring! One of the edges ended up a little crooked.

Thursday Treasures

My four year old has not been feeling well and has been on my mind! This week is dedicated to him.

(remember, all Thursday Treasures are on sale and you can click on an image to be directed to the item/etsy shop.)

Robot Wall Plaque

Robot Wall Plaque

Fall Diamonds Belt

Fall Diamonds Belt

Race Car Lounge Set

Race Car Lounge Set

Block Printed T-Shirt

Block Printed T-Shirt

Blast Off Rocket Growth Chart

Blast Off Rocket Growth Chart

Crayon Holder Traffic Jam

Crayon Holder Traffic Jam

Mini British Flashcard Long Sleeve Shirt

Mini British Flashcard Long Sleeve Shirt

Boy Ties

Boy Ties

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