Birthday Breakfast

I had the pleasure of celebrating my amazing seven year old yesterday! I am so proud of Axel. He is sweet, loving, considerate, attentive…. the list goes on and on! I really wanted to make his day special and since he was having a friend party for supper and would be at school for lunch I decided on a birthday breakfast for the family.

The kids helped with some prep work. I found this idea for rainbow fruit kabobs and blogged about it last St. Patrick’s Day but we had never got around to trying them. They were so fun to make and delicious to eat! I liked our fruit choices a little better than the original post and there was less prep work too. We chose strawberries, oranges,¬†pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and grapes. (Make sure you supervise young ones with the skewers.)

I had never made monkey bread for the kiddos before and I figured now would be a glorious time to introduce them to it. I just followed the recipe on the biscuit package and it was delicious. They were definite fans.

It was fun watching Axel reading all his own cards this year! Getting so grown up. Stay tuned for more birthday details regarding our Lego themed birthday party!!!


Ella’s Seventh

My sweet niece Ella turned seven last week. This girl has a special place in my heart. She was born just a few months before Axel and they grew up like siblings. They fight like siblings, but they also love like siblings. They take care of each other and watch out for each other.

When Ella was 2 she used to call me “Auntie Mommy.” How sweet is that? I wanted to make Ella a dress for her birthday but with VBS and the planning and prep that went into it, I just didn’t have time. Axel thought she would like make up which got me thinking jewelry and so we gave her a scrabble tile pendant from Maybe Kinda Crafty. As luck would have it, the scrabble tile actually had the letter E (for Ella) on the back so it worked out perfectly.

I know you can’t see the actual pendant, but it is bright and colorful, just like Ella.

Happy Number Seven Elle Belle!!


My Four Year Old

My princess ballerina turned four this week.

We partied it up.

There was good food,

lots of friends,

and of course presents.

I made her a pink party dress,

and we did what my girly girl loves best.

Happy Birthday Miracle!

Fantastic Custom Order

I had a custom order this past week that I am so excited about! My customer asked for me to sew her something she could put a notepad and pen into.  I absolutely loved the result!

There is a large pocket, small pocket, and two spaces for pens. I am going to make another one for myself and use it for grocery shopping. I can put my notebook into the large pocket and my coupons into the smaller one. (I’m not such a super couponer yet that I would need more than that. I am playing around with a coupon organizer idea though.)

And, I have a custom order to make two more (one for business cards and one for a passport). I went to the fabric store and bought a bunch of different fabrics. There were a ton on sale and I may have went a little overboard. Miracle was with me and she kept saying, “ohhh, I just love that one.” Fun!

(I listed this in my Etsy shop if you are interested or you can contact me if you want one.)

Also, Axel and Miracle had a birthday party last weekend for our not so little anymore buddy Jack. The kids choose bean bags for his gift and even though I’ve done them a couple times as gifts I agreed. My kids love their bean bags and play with them almost every day. I was running low on boyish fabric, but don’t worry I picked up a few more!

Super C and Pinning

I started out really not liking to pin the fabric together. After this last project though, I have kind of gotten into a groove with it and now I don’t mind it at all. With each project I do I need to keep reminding myself to slow down and have patience. Sometimes I get a little impatient and try to cut corners which only leads to frustration and ends up taking longer.

I didn’t have a pattern or tutorial for this, but remember the capes I had made for my kiddos a while back? (I had come up with the idea and asked someone to sew them for me.) So now I know how to sew, and did this one myself! Yeah!!!

I had orignally bought this fabric to make a dress for Evangeline, but between my sewing machine breaking, not really knowing how to sew, and Andrew not liking the color combo, I never got around to it. I love how the colors go together especially for this project!

Happy Birthday Little C!

Car Cozie

I found a tutorial for a cute little car cozie at My Little Gems. Axel and I decided it would be a good gift for his little buddy Isaac who had his 6th birthday! It turned out pretty good and Axel is wishing for one for his birthday, so I’m hopeful Isaac liked his too. We picked out some Transformer fabric from the scrap bin at Wal-Mart and there was even the matching red in there too. After it was finished Axel chose out one of his cars to include in the gift.

The tutorial was pretty easy to follow, but I wouldn’t have had a clue with the ribbon if I hadn’t done the Tea Wallet just a couple of days before. I think if I make another of these I will use an elastic loop instead.

Over all it turned out pretty good but I really need to get better at measuring! One of the edges ended up a little crooked.

Daddy’s Home!

We spent the whole afternoon at Battle Creek Waterpark yesterday. It was so nice. My mom came up with my brother and met me, the kids and my sisters over there. I wasn’t sure what to expect because of the bad reputation surrounding the neighborhood but I was really impressed! It was a little spendy to get in ($6.50) but it was worth it. The pool was nice, the lifeguards were attentive and there is even a sand playground. The kids had a blast!

When we came home I made supper for the kids and I, gave them baths, and Miracle crashed. She was so tired that she let me change her diaper and brush her hair without even waking up. Axel worked really hard on this welcome home picture for daddy. It is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes.



Daddy is now home snuggled safely in bed. When Miracle woke during the night he went in and got her and she just squeezed him for ten minutes. Axel climbed in bed with us this morning with a super grin and we all had a nice long ‘huggle’. Praise the Lord for everyone’s safe return!

Card of the Day:

Even after spending 6 hours at the pool I still made something to show you! Some more cards that needed envelopes.

Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Happy Birthday

Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Happy Birthday

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