Happy Easter


A Whole Lotta Fun for $2.50

Yesterday I wandered through the dollar aisle at Target and found this little treasure for $2.50.

Fingerprint Doodle Kit

The kit came with two ink pads, four stamps, four markers and a stencil. Some of the stencils are too tiny for the markers to fit into, but we still had fun making different fingerprint ‘people’.

Super Concentration (I love the headband holding back no hair!)

Miracle was entertained for quite some time (ok, and so was I). Here is the page that we made together:

Miracle and Mommy's Fingerprint People

I love seeing all her tiny little fingerprints all over the page. And the ink was surprisingly easy to clean up. It wiped off her fingers easily with a baby wipe, and even though I put a paper bag under her paper we still got a little on the table but it wiped right off with a wet rag. We pulled it out again today after school and this is what Axel created. I love it! He said it is me and  Andrew because we love each other so much.

Axel's Creation

Happy Birthday Mommy

It is my mom’s birthday today so this post is inspired by her. I hope you have a great birthday momma! I love you so.

Gladiator Inspired Sandals

Pink French Poodles Print

Cream Lace Yasosandals

Betty Boop Glass Pendant

Tibet Jewelery Olivine Handmade Carved Silver Bracelet

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Continuing on from yesterday’s post of food and treats for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would link up some fun crafts to do with the kiddos. Happy Glittery Fun to all of you!

Borax Crystal Shamroks from Housing A Forest


Rainbow Bathtub Puzzle from Sweet and Simple Things

Shamrock Apple Printing from The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Shamrock Windo Decor from hands on : as we grow


Rainbow Xylophone from Meet the Dubiens


Glittery Shamrock Canvas from Momma's Kinda Crafty


Saint Patrick's Wreath from the pike family


Rainbow Rice from Rockabye Butterfly


Styrofoam Cup Leprechaun Hats from Crafts by Amanda


Quick and Easy St. Patrick's Day Wreath from Ten kids and a Dog

Pounce- Just Sold

I am so excited to have made three sales from my Etsy shop this week! I just recently reopened LoveAlways, XOX on etsy and it has been a process for me getting new pictures for my items and relisting everything. It is fun to see my work starting to pay off, and I am looking forward to the future and getting some new projects ready for sale.

To celebrate my sales, I want to share another etsy search item with you. Pounce – Just Sold, shows you items that have been recently purchased. I like seeing what other people are buying, finding new shops, and seeing other’s creative ideas. (Click on the image to link to the seller’s etsy shop.)


The Funky Owl


Sit, Stay, Smile


Chique' Showoffs


Sugar Fresh


House Of Peltier