Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here and this rainy dreary day is perfect for cranking up the music and getting some spring cleaning done. I think I am going to tackle my bedroom. After that Miracle has requested baking chocolate chip cookies and I’m sure a cup of chai will be in order.

Happy Cleaning!


Kitchen Gloves Diva Style

Cotton Crocheted Dishclothes

Laundry Soap Powder

Reusable Cotton Swiffer Cover

Gourmet Glam Apron

Organic Botanical Room Spray

2 Sided Dusting Mit


More From My Kitchen

I got a fabulous new apron in the mail today that I purchased from a cute little shop I found on etsy. Of course I had to get Miracle a matching one but I’m saving hers for Christmas. To celebrate I made this:

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Mmmm…I love fall and all the smells that go with it!

About a week ago I was so busy in my etsy shop! I had an order almost everyday. It was really fun, and paid for my aprons. After all my sales I had to work on restocking and came out with my new line of tags “All Dressed Up.”  Oh, and I posted some new Christmas cards that have received a ton of positive feedback. Very Exciting!

Today I played a bit of catch up around the house and am finally getting things back in order. Yeah for a clean house that smells like apple pie!