Pinspired. That is what I’ve decided to call my weekly Pinterest inspired project. I really have loved finding so many fun things to do, and I’m so excited about how many I’ve done. Today’s post never even made it to my boards before I tried it! I found out around 1:00 yesterday that I wouldn’t have anyone baking for youth group that night. I wasn’t too worried because we have a little stash of store bought cookies that I could use, and I wasn’t feeling up to baking myself. I had just sat down for my naptime Pinterest fix and saw this recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars from The Girl Who Ate Everything. The pin description caught my eye because it said they were made using a yellow cake mix, and I just happened to have an extra one (and no frosting to go with it) so it seemed perfect. (On the subject of pin descriptions…. leave them! I am so much more likely to look at something if there is a quick note saying what it is and why it’s neat enough to be pinned.)

Now, put chocolate and peanut butter together and you are a winner in my eyes! Add in the fact that these bars were so simple to make… It just took a few minutes and I didn’t even need to get out the mixer. My kids loved them, and they were gone in seconds at youth group.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

You can find more yummy looking ideas on my Cooking and Baking board. I’m pretty picky about what I pin, and only post things I actually think I will do someday. I want to keep it clean so I don’t get overwhelmed and partake in reckless pinning.

Have you been Pinspired? I would love to see your projects!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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