Lego Birthday Party- Food Edition

We really had a blast at Axel’s Lego themed birthday party. It was so him and I loved adding all the little details. He was so excited about each part of it which made everything even more fun. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much all at once so I’m splitting it into two parts. Today… the FOOD!

Axel decided he wanted to have supper at the party and determined that pizza would be best, so that was easy. For drinks I was inspired by this pin and made ice cubes that were supposed to be rectangular… like Legos. Andrew thought that was stretching it a bit, but I think it fit the theme just fine! I used Kool-Aid packets and mixed them using  half the sugar and half the water so that they would be super concentrated in color and flavor. If I do it again though I would use 3/4 the sugar because they were a little bitter. We then poured Sierra Mist over them and the kids loved it! When their soda was gone they crushed the ice with their spoons and added a little more soda to make slushies.

Yellow Red and Blue Lego Ice Cubes

I also had pinned these cute Lego cookies and wanted to give them a try. I found this recipe for sugar cookie bars and decided to combine the two. They were pretty tasty, although I wish I had made the frosting darker. I just used regular vanilla frosting and added food coloring, but I actually ran out of red so they are kind of lighter than the theme. Oh well!

For the cake I wanted to use this idea but I just didn’t like the idea of using giant marshmallows (it just didn’t work in my brain). Instead I baked one cake in a regular rectangular cake pan. I cut it in half, and then I cut one of the halves in half. So I ended up with one square cake and two smaller rectangular cakes… Make sense? Then I took 8 cupcakes and cut the tops off (Andrew had no problem helping me eat the tops) and put the bottom of the cupcake on the cake and frosted them. Four cupcakes on the square cake and two on each of the rectangle cakes. I forgot to take pictures of the smaller ones though. I frosted one yellow, one blue, and one red.

And last but not least… the juice boxes. I saw this cute idea on Etsy, and it was pretty simple to do myself. I took the straws off the juice boxes, wrapped them in blue wrapping paper (just like you would a gift) and then taped the straws back on to the back of the box. Don’t forget to mark where the hole is for the straw! Then I cut out two circles for each juice box out of the wrapping and affixed them to the front of the juice box using 3-D foam pop-up circles.


The kids thought they were pretty neat. I also found this post with a free printable for your juice boxes if you prefer.

That wraps up the food edition! Coming soon… invites, decor and more! haha.


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