Valentine Wrap Up

We had the most lovely Valentine’s Day! Miracle claimed that she just loves Valentine’s Day and that it is the prettiest and yummiest day ever! That comment made the whole day worth it to me. You see, I was never much of a Valentine’s Day girl. Andrew and I don’t exchange gifts and we don’t do the obligatory date. Sometimes Andrew will pick me up some February 15th priced flowers and I love them even more at half the price. But since I decided to celebrate even the little holidays, I went all out making Valentine’s Day a day where we celebrate family and friends and love for each other. Get ready for some pictures!

The kids woke up to this:

Valentine Breakfast Ready to Eat

Orange Juice with Cranberry Juice Heart Shaped Ice Cubes

Cranberry Orange Heart Shaped Muffins

and Yogurt Dipped Frozen Strawberries

Side note on the food: The heart shaped muffin idea is from this pin and the frozen yogurt strawberries is from this one. I’m using my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board!

The kids begged me to sew up some heart shaped pockets that they could fill with chocolates for their teachers. It was a bit of trial and error, so I filled my testers with foam hearts for the kids (and Andrew). They each had a heart that said their name on it and then three smaller hearts each with a word that describes them. Oh, and a chocolate kiss too because Valentine’s Day is a great day to eat chocolate for breakfast! This idea was inspired by this pin.

She Was Completely In Love With This Breakfast

For lunch the girls and I had heart shaped sandwiches and pink (strawberry) milk. Then Miracle filled up her heart pockets for her teachers and it was off to school where I got to be the Valentine helper for her class party!

I Took the Teaching Opportunity to Figure Out How to Evenly Divide the Chocolates

Then we came home and made some pretty tasty brownies with amazing frosting and brought them to eat for dessert at Carbones! Andrew serenaded the dinner crowd and we ate pizza and treated everyone to a tasty Valentine dessert. Recipe is from this pin and I guarantee you want to try it!

All in all we had an amazing, tasty, pretty Valentine’s Day full of love, family and friends! (And I think I fulfilled my Pinterest Project of the Week quota.) I hope you all had a great day and didn’t get caught up with relationship status and overpriced flowers.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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