Ice Cold Hearts

I celebrated with the awesome cast of our church’s Christmas musical last night. They did such a great job back in December and they are such great kids. I love to spend time with that bunch!

There was plenty of popcorn, candy and punch and we snuggled up with pillows and blankets and watched Rio. Fantastic movie! It is full of bright colors, fun music and thoughts of warmer weather. After the movie the kids burned off all the sugar with a movie credits dance party.

I wanted to keep it simple with the popcorn and candy, but I thought a fun drink was in order. With Valentine’s Day approaching I decided on a twist on the classic fruit punch/ 7-up mixture.

I found these cute little silicone ice cube trays in the value section at Target. They were $2.50 for a two pack, and there were pink and purple ones to choose from. The Target I was at was running low though so if you want some you better go now!

Fill them with fruit punch and freeze! I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit of a messy job and my fingers are still a little red. I ended up using a small pitcher type thing to fill the trays so that it didn’t splash as much. Also, fruit punch takes a little longer than water to freeze and they take even longer to freeze if you stack the trays. Just some tips. It took about 4 hours for each batch to freeze at my house.

I had someone make fun of me saying that the ice cubes would just melt and so I was wasting my time a bit. The melting ice is kind of the point, but I kept the 7-Up outside to make sure it was nice and cold. We ended up with a little bit of slush which made it super yummy!

Plus, the kids were super excited about the hearts. Especially the girls!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bethany
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 21:56:10

    I was not making fun of you! I was just stating a fact 😉


    • wifemomwoman
      Feb 12, 2012 @ 23:24:44

      bahaha! you have to admit you were being a little cynical… it’s ok, i didn’t care and it made for really yummy slushy punch. (and i made a ton too many so i could keep refilling them as they melted so we have leftovers for v-day!)


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