I’m Crazy For You Valentine!

I used to not really pay any attention at all to Valentine’s Day. I feel like I have missed out on so much! This year since I am trying to add a little spice to life by acknowledging and celebrating all the little holidays I normally pass by, I have realized that Valentine’s Day is so fun. It is all girly and lovey and full of hearts and pinkness.

The kids and I made their Valentines for their school mates tonight. I’m not sure where Axel came up with that, but he kept calling them his school mates and I thought it was cute! They have so many Valentine rules… No peanuts (which I get) ‘but please know that even things like candy hearts and pretzels may have nuts’. And then they recommend healthy snacks for treats and even suggest that ‘things such as pencils and stickers make great treats’. haha. I’m fine with it. I like going from the norm and getting creative. Plus I really hate buying candy. I do however like eating candy.

A Little Hot Chocolate and Valentine Making

So I was thinking about what to do that would be fun and yet financially realistic and remembered how much they love crazy straws and decided that those would be perfect. I  created a simple Word document to make tags that say “I’m Crazy For You Valentine!” and then under that typed From: (insert name here). I also considered “You’re So Silly Valentine” but we liked the one we chose better.

Working So hard

Then we sliced them apart with my handy dandy slicer, folded, ran the glue stick over them and glued them to the straws. Being careful of course not to get glue on the straws and to put the tags on a middle loop so that they don’t slip off.  What I recommended to the kids was that they put their finger on the fold mark and then run the glue stick down the rest of the tag. That way they hold the tag in place while applying the glue and the middle stays free of glue so it doesn’t get on the straw.

This was such an easy, quick, inexpensive project! It requires very little prep and few supplies- most of which you probably have around already! My kids love it and Miracle (4 years) had no problem helping with the slicer (in a perfectly safe way) and  doing the gluing on her own.  They are excited to give their friends a fun gift with a silly saying that they made themselves.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 15:20:48

    Love it Cheri!! What a fun Valentine idea.


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