Pondering Pinterest (saying that makes me smile)

So part of the changes that have been going on with me the last couple of weeks is that I have found lots more time wisely used time and energy! (Well, the energy starts to go around 7pm, but until then it’s great. I think that may have something to do with growing a baby.) So some of that time and energy is going to go towards Pinterest! I’m not super addicted, and I don’t follow a ton of people. I’m honestly not concerned about who is following me or re-pinning my pins. (I guess I’m not really sure… does anyone care? Should I care?) I really just love the service that Pinterest provides and how much it helps me keep my thoughts organized. It is genius if you ask me. I try not to pin things that I know I’ll never do. I want to keep it clean and tidy so I can find the things I really want to do!

My conclusion after pondering Pinterst is that if I’m going to spend the time pinning then I better spend the time doing! So without further ado, I present to you…. Pinterest Project of the Week! (I can hear all the wild applause. Thank you, Fabulous, I know!) Each week I want to share at least one project that I’ve done from my Pinterest boards. Kind of a little accountability, plus a fun time of sharing.

My first project that I’m sharing is a bit of a mixture of this pin from my Valentine’s Day Board and another project I saw online but unfortunately cannot remember where:

Paper Heart Wreath from the Hybrid Chick

I teach 3D art at the YMCA on Friday mornings and so for one of our projects we made these:

Framed 3D Heart Decor

I cut pink, red and purple construction paper into 2 inch wide strips (although I would possibly recommend narrower…. maybe 1 1/2″) then we folded them in half and curved the tops (unfolded side) in. One quick staple and you have a heart! We then dipped them in glue and stuck them onto white cardstock. Make sure when you cut your strips you are super straight though or else it will be tricky to get them to stick. I had a bit of that problem, but we also left the Y before they were dry and so as you can see I had one that shifted majorly. It could be seen as cute though… If you look at it with your head tipped a little.

When we got home I took the glass plastic out of one of my surplus Ikea frames – sidenote, Ikea sells frames that fit your child’s artwork perfectly! They are sized for 8 1/2″ x 11″, not 8″x10″– and popped in our art! If you want to frame these, make sure you leave a little extra space on the edges so your frame has some paper to hold onto without hearts getting in the way.



We tried to glue some together in an attempt to make the wreath, but the construction paper and the glue did not work together and we just ended up with deformed hearts. So we used our remaining few hearts to put together this little piece for Axel. Miracle is so sweet, she always tries to make a picture for Axel when we are at art class because she knows he is bummed that he misses it because of school.

A Heart Flower For Axel

If you have an awesome pin board (especially crafty or sewing) I would love to get some fresh new ideas! Leave me a link in the comments and I’ll come find you. Happy Pinning!


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