Simple Valentine Craft Fun

I really have had a lot to say…. It seems things have been really crazy in my life. In a good way for once! Not sure what I’m ready to talk about yet, but I will share. Just not yet. God is working in my life and in my family in some crazy ways!

One big change I’ve had over the last week is my computer time. I’ve seriously limited myself on account of it had gotten really bad! The only thing now is that every time I do sit down to use the computer it makes my eyes hurt. Good or bad? I can’t decide. It definitely limits my time, but we live in a world where computers are necessary! haha. Less computer time equals more time for other things (yeah!) and I’m excited to share some of the projects and life stuff I’ve been getting done.

In my new quest to be all birthday/holiday friendly (which I am having a blast with by the way!) the kids and I made some decorations for Valentine’s Day. We had so much fun and spent two nights working on them! It was so great to watch the creative juices flowing from their little brains, and Miracle’s scissor skills were amazing me!

Valentine Craft Fun!

Supplies Needed:

heart stencils in various sizes (easy suggestion below)

pens for tracing

foam paper

glitter, sequins, beads…


Heart Stencil Suggestion: I searched google images using the keywords “heart coloring pages” and found this one from Disney Family Fun. (If you have never used google images to find coloring pages I highly recommend it!) Print off the page and cut out the three hearts. 

I limited my kids to only using pink, red, white and silver supplies. I really wanted to stick with the Valentine theme, but you can do it however you want!

Have everyone trace different sized hearts onto the foam paper. Cut them out and then go wild with your sequins, glue and glitter! My kiddos loved coming up with new color combinations and different layouts for their different sized hearts. (Don’t forget to remind the kids to turn their hearts over so that the side marked up with the pen is on the back.)

Axel's Cute Three in a Row

Check Out Miracle's Cutting!

Evangeline and I Collaborated on this One

Another of Axel's (He really liked this project!)

When you are done you can display them where ever or however you want! We have limited amounts of space and our living room window is a main focal point for us, so I used scotch tape and stuck them up all over!

Love It!


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  1. welcome2craftclub
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 09:31:36

    Those are all so cute! I have some really fun (and super easy) valentine crafts on my website: I suggest the Heart Fish – that one is my favorite!


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