I know kids say cute and funny things, but mine were especially great today. Evangeline had some sort of extra spunkiness in her and I was loving it.

Me: Good morning Evangeline!

Evangeline: Good morning. (smiles sheepishly) I tooted in your bed! haha.

Evangeline: Mommy, you’re Cheri. I’m Giant. Miracle’s Happy.

Miracle: Mommy?

Evangeline: No! She’s Cheri, I’m Giant, you’re Happy.

Evangeline: Knock Knock.

Me: Who’s there?

Evangeline: Drum

Me: Drum who?

Evangeline: Drum why did the drum cross the road? 

Me: Why?

Evangeline: (mumble mumble mumble) hahahaha!

(She continues this with several animals and various other items.)

Evangeline: Dude! Dude? Who tooted? Dude?


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