Gentle Reminders

Sunday was a little rough. Especially for my hubby. There wasn’t anything major that happened, just a few especially irritating things that when put together they became very discouraging.

We were just finishing up dinner after Awana when we got a phone call from some dear friends of ours. I use the term friend only because I don’t know the word for mentors/surrogate parents/ loving supporters. They asked if they could stop by because they had a little something for us.

Well, I have to admit I was excited to see them but a little embarrassed at the thought of visitors- especially these guys. I was really kicking myself for not getting the cleaning done that I had planned for that day! So Andrew and I bribed the kids and we whipped our little house into presentable shape in no time. (I in no way am endorsing bribing your children. heehee)

We had an absolutely wonderful visit, although very short, and they left us with a large wicker basket loaded with gifts. Some for the kids, some for the parents and some for the family.  As we watched the kids tear into their gifts we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by this kindness shown to us. We never would have expected it, and the timing after the events of the day did not go unnoticed.

This lovely couple we do not get to see nearly enough but every time we do they leave us with a feeling of peace and joy. As a woman they encourage me to be a better mom, wife, host, housekeeper… a better person! I am blessed by every encounter. You can see God at work in their lives and their obvious obedience to Him. Thank you sweet friends, for the gentle reminder from God of the amazing people in our lives!


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