Merry Christmas

So many times I have wanted to write a blog over the past month but I didn’t because it had been so long since the last time I posted. Andrew said “Just do it” so here I am! Even with my sporadic postings, I still try and add a link or two each week to my Facebook page with some fun and creative ideas for family and life. So make sure you ‘like’ me!

Christmas went by in a whirlwhind of fun and family. We had party after program after party. But Christmas Day was spent just us. Absolutely the best Christmas Day ever.

After reflection I realized that my best Christmas Eve ever was when we were snowed in and spent the day just us.

I don’t feel that this is anything against any of our families. Time spent with all of them is amazing too! Andrew pointed out that too often we get so caught up in the running and craziness of getting everywhere that it is just so nice to slow down and relax together. It made me want to set aside more family days. Time to just get together and spend relaxing and enjoying each other. Maybe some board games and a special meal, or take out and a Wii Just Dance fest.

With all the well dressed children, I also took advantage of the opportunity to take a few pics of my babies together.

Happy Holidays!


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