Let’s put a pin in it…

Do any of you use pinterest? I found it recently and I am absolutely in love. I haven’t had enough time to really use it to it’s full potential, but it is so great. Do you have a long list of bookmarks for projects you want to do? or recipes you want to bake? And then you forget about them? Or you can’t find them when you are reading through your overcluttered bookmark list of titles that make no sense? Then pinterest is for you! (And, no I’m not getting paid for this. But don’t you think I should do an infomercial?)

Basically you create virtual pinboards. You find people who have similar tastes as you and you follow their boards so you can see all the fun things they pin. When you are out and about on the web and you see something you like you “pin it”. You can have several different boards and you can categorize them however you want.

So now when you want to find that awesome project you just go to your “Crafts” (for example) board and browse through the pictures and there it is right there! Just waiting for you. Or maybe you are in the mood to make a special treat. Go to your “Baking” board and browse through all those recipes you have been meaning to try.

Go sign up! When I did it, I think they had me give them my email and then they sent me an invitation. If I remember correctly it took a few hours. But it is worth the wait! Follow my boards while you’re at it. I haven’t filled in my boards too much yet, but I”m working on it.

Now for some exciting news! My facebook page passed the 200 fans mark and so I’m celebrating with an awesome giveaway. You can win one of two hot/cold therapy sacks. The giveaway ends Friday, so enter right now before you forget! These things are awesome for injuries as well as chronic pain, cramps, or just warming your feet up in this cold fall weather. It is super easy to enter, but unfortunately you can’t do it from your phone. Sorry! Click right here to enter.

And since I’m giving out links here… You should add me to your Google+ circle too. I’ve been over there for a while now, but I believe it is no longer invite only so sign up. I’m still laughing at all the Facebook drama, lol.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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