Andrew is gone with the youth group this week on a mission trip to Yakima,WA. They seem to have had a fun trip over there, and are now working hard.

They will be doing some VBS work as well as painting and house repairs for the people of the community. There are 12 from our church and then they are working alongside another youth group as well. This is such a great opportunity for them to learn so much as well as bond and create new friendships. I am praying for their safety and that they have fun and create  valuable memories!

The kids and I are missing Daddy just a bit. My thought has been that if we keep busy, we won’t have time to miss him. The only thing that has done is make me really tired! We are used to Andrew having to leave for trips like this, but this time it is a bit longer than normal and Axel is taking it a little worse than normal. He is so sweet when Andrew calls at night and when Andrew couldn’t call one night Axel waited up until he fell asleep on the living room floor. I’m hoping to catch a few pictures of Axel on the phone, and a video too. He is so precious and his heart is so big. He prays several times a day for daddy and the youth group, and last night he added in prayers for the kids with mommies and daddies that don’t love them. I love my boy!

And I have no doubt that Axel gets his sweet nature from Andrew. Even when we are apart Andrew is thinking of me. Look at these mountain flowers in mountain spring water that he picked for me. Missing you Andrew! Come home to us soon and safely!




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