Look What I Did

Thanks for letting me take a few days off. I know you missed me, even if you won’t admit it…. Hello? Mom? Anyone?

I have been super busy, and actually I still am super busy but even if you didn’t miss me, I missed you! I have to show you some of what I’ve been so busy doing!

So without further ado, here is a sneak peak at Evangeline’s Easter dress. This is the first article of clothing I have sewn, and I did it without a pattern or tutorial. I just went with it. I’m sure I probably could have bought something cuter or even cheaper, but it would not have been mommy made! I love it. Evangeline on the other hand is not a fan. I really don’t know why. She cries every time I try and put it on her and she tries to pull the buttons off. She got over it quickly though.

Two things I wish were a little different are the straps (a little too wide) and the bottom trim (not wide enough). There is the possibility of adding some flowers or something to the bottom left corner just to break up the green a little add more pink. I will spend some time searching for ideas over at  Fabric Bows and More. (warning: do not click that link if you have an addiction to headbands, bows or flowers)

So I still have another dress, a tie and three hats to make before Easter. ummm…. YIKES!

Also today I did this quick ruching shirt refashion project. (Literallly, five minutes.) I got the idea over at A Little Tipsy and it is a perfectly fantastic way to give shirts that are too baggy or too long a little make over. I found a tshirt on clearance at Old Navy over the weekend for $3 but it hung a little funny so I gave this a shot. The bunches now nicely hide some of my ‘problem areas’ and it was so easy! I told Andrew I might go a little overboard on my tshirt drawer. He said he has no doubt that I will. He also said it might be a little weird if all my shirts looked like this. What does he know though right?

Oh, and I have kinda good news! My camera repairs will most likely be covered by the warranty (great news!) but unfortunately it has to be sent to Japan. That means we have to deal with cell phone pics for another 6-8 weeks and possibly longer because of the tsunami.

Well, that’s enough of a break for me. I’m off to finish the million projects I have going on right now.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lori
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 22:11:57

    cute dress!!! she looks adorable in it. and i’m digging the t-shirt! i wouldn’t mind seeing those every day! 😉


  2. Michelle
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 00:29:41

    I just added a page for people to add projects they have done that were inspired by A Little Tipsy. I would love to have you link up your shirt! http://www.alittletipsy.com/p/inspired-by-little-tipsy.html


  3. Annette
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 09:03:17

    I did miss you, Cheri! I love the dress!! I agree the straps may be a bit wide but I dissagree on the trim~I think it is just right! If you wanted a little more pink, I might go for a bow or something instead of a wider trim. Love you!!


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