Snow Cream

It’s blizzarding out there again. (Insert a lot of whining and complaining about the weather here.) The good news is, it is perfect weather for snow cream! Yummy.

Let it snow for a couple of hours to get all the pollutants out of the air. Then, put a bowl (I use metal so it stays cold when I bring it in) outside in a place where it can collect lots of nice clean snow. When your bowl is full, bring it in. My 4 or 5 quart bowl only took about 3 hours to fill in this crazy storm.

For every 4-5 quarts, add one 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk, and 1 tsp of vanilla. Stir.

Enjoy! And yes, our bowls are that full. Don’t judge me, it’s really good!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mindy hornberger
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 14:51:08

    you are did you come up with that idea?


    • wifemomwoman
      Jan 20, 2012 @ 14:53:34

      i wish i could take credit 🙂 i just adapted a few recipes i found to make it how we like it! there are several different recipes out there, but i like this one because it doesn’t use raw eggs.


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