>Superhero/ Princess Cape

>Several years ago I came up with the idea that I would love to have capes made for my kids and their friends made with Velcro at the neckline so I could stop tying blankets around their necks. At the time I did not know how to sew, so I commissioned someone else to make them for me.

 They turned out so cute and doohikey baby did a wonderful job putting the project together for me. (She is no longer active on etsy.)
My three year old had a friend with a birthday last week and so I decided to try and make little C a cape of her own.

 I love it! My husband was not a fan of the fabric combo when I brought it home, but I think it is perfect for this. I actually originally got the fabric to make a dress for my littlest, but never got around to it.

 All the kids who I originally got these for absolutely love them and still play with them. They are perfect for all types of pretend play. Princes, princesses, and superheroes will love their personalized capes!

If you want one of your own I just did a quick google search for ‘free cape tutorial’ and came up with this one. Otherwise I would love to make you one! The cost would be $18.50 and you can pick your colors/patterns/shapes/letters. My email is in the contact me tab above.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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