Ironing and Ice

Apparently in order for your sewing projects to turn out you must iron. I don’t iron. At our house, if something needs to be ironed it goes in the way back of the closet. The iron only comes out on very special occasions. But, I decided that I want my things to turn out, so I caved and will now become one who irons. Andrew will be pleased.

I have a whole list of sewing accessories and fun things that I want. Particularly for organization and storage. This is a little sample of what I am starting out with:

My sewing bag is filled with random fabric scraps I have collected. I also have several different colors of thread to get me started. My pincushion I purchased on etsy but it has seen better days, so I think that will have to be one of my projects.

One of my favorites of these is the needle case. My roommate from college sent it to me as a surprise a while back. (Thanks again Heather!) It is so cute and useful as well. I actually wish I used it more in the past. Story time…. One day I stuck a needle in my throw pillow and forgot about it. That is until I stepped on the pillow and the large embroidery needle went about two inches into my heel. Yeah, that hurt. I’m just thankful it was my heel and not my face (or one of the kids’).

Also in the top picture is my cute little table top ironing board I got for around $4 at Goodwill and the bag of presser feet that came with my sewing machine. There weren’t any instructions with the presser feet, but I found descriptions on the Singer website, and Sew, Mama, Sew also has a great post on when to use some of them. I have a pretty good collection now, but would love to get a ruffler in the future.

In a totally unrelated subject, the frost on my windows is so cool! I just have to share a couple of pictures with you.


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  1. Lori
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 21:24:39

    My mom and both grandmothers always said the key to being a good seamstress is ironing, so you are definitely on the right track!!! 😉


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