Should Be Free

This is my list of things that I really despise buying:

Toilet Paper. We spend money on something to wipe our tushies. And if you like the soft kind, you spend a lot of money! I have stopped looking at the price and trying to compare/ find the best deal. I just walk up to the toilet paper, grab the Charmin Soft stuff and walk away.

Paper Products. Cups, napkins, etc. We very rarely use these items at our house and it not only saves on the pocketbook, it is good for the environment too!

Organic…. Anything. Why does it have to cost so much more to be healthy/ green? I can’t afford it! I wish we could eat organic everything but we just can’t. We do use all natural cleaning, bath and body products though.

Pop. It is way overpriced and so not healthy for you. When we have it in the house it gets drank too fast. (Disclaimer: We do have a ton of pop right now because it was on a really good sale last week. I said I don’t like to buy it but I do love to drink it!)

Candles. Another thing I love having but not buying. They seem so pricey to me. I usually only get them on sale when I make our Melaleuca (our all natural products distributor) order.

Diaper Wipes. I’m not sure why the wipes bother me so much more than the diapers. Probably goes along with the toilet paper thing.

Feminine Products. Enough said.

Bottled Water. It’s practically free from the tap!

What do you despise paying for? I’m curious to know!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Girly Muse
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 23:35:21

    I hate buying toilet paper too…napkins and all that. Kleenex, included.

    I hate buying dishcloths. I use the knitted ones my mom makes and wash them…saves a little and they feel nice.

    I hate spending money on cleansers…facial, body, etc. I want the good stuff, but it’s so costly.

    I agree with the candles…it’s something I’m thankful to receive, but something that I never want to buy.

    And now I feel guilt if I ever buy a movie…there are so many other cheap ways to watch a movie. I love to own them, but it’s getting to be a thing of the past for us…


  2. JudyAGoddard
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 07:34:51

    Cat Litter!

    I would love it if my cat could do her business outside, but, outside is a Lyme tic hazzard so she poops in the bathroom along with the rest of us.

    It’s a good thing we love her!


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