Flip Flop No More

After reading this post from my friend over at Spoils of Wear I have felt especially convicted about my flip flop addiction.

Hi. My name is Cheri and I am a flip flopaholic.

There. I said it. Sorry Jill, it’s true. But I read your post, listened to your opinion and really thought about it. All summer, wearing my flip flops. I especially thought about it when I tripped on my flip flop and fell in the middle of the street. And then again when my flop slipped on the wet garage floor and my big pregnant but was once again on the ground. That time even landed me in the dr. office for an ultrasound.

So I decided the flops would only come out around the house and at the beach. It is a hard habit to break but I am working on it. They still show themselves on quick trips to the store. And they may be around a little more than normal as my feet are starting to swell in the end of my pregnancy.

To help me in my quest for proper footwear I decided to get rid of a lot of my flop collection. I narrowed it down to three pairs of around the house/ beach flip flops and two pairs of cutesy fun ones. My sister was more than excited with the grocery bag of shoes I gave her!

That was last Wednesday. On Saturday the dog ate my blue around the house flip flops. On Monday, my white ones broke.

Guess that affirms my no more flip flops decision! Andrew even offered to take me to go buy some new ones and I turned him down. Aren’t you proud? I think I’ll reward myself with some new shoes for fall. Maybe these?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 16:01:16

    Aw…Cheri! I hope you know I would never judge you for wearing flip flops 🙂
    I just think you deserve better!

    Congratulations on this new era of worthy footwear! Those sketchers are a perfect alternative!

    Me very happy.


  2. Girly Muse
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 07:48:36

    I’m very proud of you. I, too, have been horribly convicted after Jill’s post…I’ve even quoted her to Greyley and then had to say, “But you can, since you’re little…” sigh

    Gradually have been weeding mine out too.

    Our feet will probably thank us one day…after we can decide which shoes to wear. 🙂


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