The Camping Fiasco

Our family was really excited about camping this last weekend. Andrew and I giggled about it all week. I felt like a six year old counting down to Christmas morning. It turned out to be a very memorable weekend.


9:00 am- The plan was to take Axel to swimming lessons, take myself to the dr. for a regular ob checkup and then head out. When we woke up it was raining which was a bummer but we were not going to let it get us down!

12:45 pm – Cheri slips and falls in wet garage on the way to the dr. Dr. decides we better do an ultrasound to check on everything. Leaving gets pushed back 3 1/2 hours. Thankfully all is fine.

6:30 pm  – We finally arrive at the campground. Still raining. Get set up and eat a really late supper. Off to bed.

1:00 am – It has been raining all night. Really storming. Loud thunder and bright lightning. Miracle asks mommy if we could please go home. The new tent from my dad keeps us nice and dry. (mostly)

3:00 am – The constant dripping on the tent is not doing so well for my pregnant bladder. I finally give in and trek to the bathroom. It is dark and wet but at least the rain has stopped.


8:00 am – Another big storm rolls on in. We get in the car and go out for breakfast. There is only so much fun you can have in the rain with two small children.

12:30 pm – The rain has stopped and we decide to have some lunch. It suddenly is very sunny (and very humid). Eat lunch and get ready to go to the beach. Unfortunately momma bear (that’s me) is not feeling well at all. We go to the beach and swim and fish all afternoon. After a short nap on shore and a quick dip in the cool water I am feeling much better. Miracle did manage to step on the extremely hot metal of the dock and burn her little feet though. Poor baby.

5:00 pm – Get back to the campsite and eat campfire pies in another sudden outburst of rain.

6:30 pm – It is gorgous again. Enjoy tacos with our church family and then go down to the river for two baptisms. YEAH!

9:00 pm – Axel lays down to take a ‘nap’. He has an extremely bad headache.

9:01 pm – Tornado Sirens go off. The park rangers come by honking their horn and yelling through a mega phone. “Tornado Warning. Everyone to the bathroom.” Fun. We instead get in the car and drive five miles to a friends house where we wait out the storm.

11:00 pm – Storm is over. Everyone is safe. Praise the Lord. We climb into our tents and have an uneventful night.


Ate breakfast, had church, packed up, and went home.

It is so amazing to me that with all that happened we still had an amazing time. The kids cried when it was time to go home and none of us has much of a negative feeling towards the weekend. I feel sad for Axel because he was so looking forward to camping and he didn’t get to experience it as much as he could have. It was still wonderful although next time I am praying for a little better weather!

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