Geared Up To Decorate

I have been wanting to get my kid’s rooms decorated for the past several months. I don’t want to paint because in the unfortunate event that we ever have to move out of this beautiful house I don’t want to have to paint everything back. Instead I decided to do vinyl decals. Being the crafty girl that I am I want to do it myself. I found the vinyl to be pretty pricy though! Usually between $2-4 for a 12×12 sheet.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across an add on craigslist. There is a business in Inver Grove Heights that does vehicle (and more) decals and they were offering up their scraps for cheap. $40 will get you a grocery bag stuffed with vinyl. The man estimated you could fit around $300 worth into the bag.

A friend and I went over there last night and picked through his stuff. It was fun to see all the different types of vinyl. Reflective, holographic, metallic….. even a kind that when placed on glass it makes it look like you etched the glass.

So we loaded up our paper bags and now I am ready to get started on the bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms….. you get the idea. You can even use it for outside things (ex. cars). I was a little bummed at the lack of pinks in the selection but there were a few. There is one treasure I found right at the end that I just want to hold and kiss. It is all sparkly and pink. I’ll probably never use it because I’ll keep waiting to find it’s perfect spot.

I’ll keep you posted on my new decorating and if anyone wants this guys number let me know! You should give him some time to restock though because he has no girly colors left whatsoever!

Card of the Day:

Apparently I was in a punk mood the last couple of days because this one is a little on the rocker side too! (tri-fold card, inside is white)

Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

Envelope Back

Envelope Back


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