Daddy’s Home!

We spent the whole afternoon at Battle Creek Waterpark yesterday. It was so nice. My mom came up with my brother and met me, the kids and my sisters over there. I wasn’t sure what to expect because of the bad reputation surrounding the neighborhood but I was really impressed! It was a little spendy to get in ($6.50) but it was worth it. The pool was nice, the lifeguards were attentive and there is even a sand playground. The kids had a blast!

When we came home I made supper for the kids and I, gave them baths, and Miracle crashed. She was so tired that she let me change her diaper and brush her hair without even waking up. Axel worked really hard on this welcome home picture for daddy. It is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes.



Daddy is now home snuggled safely in bed. When Miracle woke during the night he went in and got her and she just squeezed him for ten minutes. Axel climbed in bed with us this morning with a super grin and we all had a nice long ‘huggle’. Praise the Lord for everyone’s safe return!

Card of the Day:

Even after spending 6 hours at the pool I still made something to show you! Some more cards that needed envelopes.

Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Happy Birthday

Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Happy Birthday


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