It’s Time

Andrew left early Sunday morning with a group from chuch to do some mission work in Puerto Rico. I’m always sad when he is gone for any amount of time but am glad that he has the opportunity to go and be a part of so many things. Whenever he is leaving I always receive so many offers for help with the kids/house/whatever I might need. I am always so thankful for everyone’s concern but usually we get by just fine.

This week I had an especially large amount of offers for help. I’m sure that had a lot to do with the fact that Andrew has half the church’s youth group with him! We are very blessed to be a part of a wonderful church community that you can count on in any situation. And for some reason, I had a feeling I might need it this week.

So, Andrew left Sunday. The kids and I went to church, did a few things and then drove to Albert Lea, picked up two of my sisters and brought them home to stay with us for the week. Monday morning when I downstairs to watch the kids my feet squish squashed accross the carpet. This was not good.

Long story short. My water heater broke and it was not pretty. Monday consisted of me running upstairs, downstairs, cleaning up water, making phone calls…. and repeat. After a visit from a good friend confirmed the need for a new water heater two men from our church came to my rescue. They went to the store and picked one up, brought it over and installed it, pulled up my carpet, removed the padding underneath and got some fans going. Praise the Lord!

You can imagine all the wet towels I had from this fiasco right? So Monday night I put a load in the wash. Tuesday I put load one in the dryer and load two in the wash. Go to put load two in the dryer and guess what? Dryer is not working!

Don’t you think it is time for Andrew to come home?

Really though, I can not be more thankful. My sisters are here to help me and watch the kids when I’m getting things figured out. Friends come over and check on me, replace water heaters, bring over dehumidifiers, give hugs, come back over to fix dryers….


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