A thankful heart

I am so thankful to my daycare families for giving me Fridays off during the summer! It has been such a time of refreshement and bonding with my children. Sometimes I feel like I am with them all day every day but I never get to really be with them.

Disc golfing over the weekend

Disc golfing Saturday

Every Thursday night I am literally bouncing with excitement. Fridays have been spent at the beach, park, lazying around the house…. The kids and I have had such a great time. And then Friday evening I realize that I still have all of Saturday! Yeah. Usually I realize this after telling the kids that we have Sunday school in the morning and Andrew reminding me that it is only Friday. haha.

And every Sunday as the weekend winds to a close I am thankful for my three day weekend. Thankful to my families for making it possible and thankful to my husband for supporting my decision (even with the one day less of income). I am able to use this extra time to help prepare for the baby’s arrival. I am more relaxed and have more energy to do the things around the house and with my family.

Carver Beach on Sunday

Carver Beach on Sunday


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