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I think I’m dreaming! I went to the mall last week very much in need of some summer maternity clothes. With this pregnancy I have not had a lot of luck finding much I am happy with.  I really am not much a fan of Motherhood Maternity and I can’t afford Gap Maternity. When I was pregnant with Miracle I had a lot from Old Navy that I loved but I just have not had any luck there this time around! It seems like they have drastically reduced their in store selection and I am not a fan of on-line clothes shopping.

So…. I reluctantly went to Old Navy and purchased a couple of things that I was not particularly thrilled about, then went on to do my usual stops. I had my little sisters with so we went a few places for them and then we ran into H&M. I love this store. Especially their baby clothes. So cute!


A Sweet Baby Dress From H&M

After I finished looking through the toddler boy section I meandered over to where the baby girl clothes were supposed to be. (The store is huge!) What I saw instead made my jaw drop…. H&M Mama? could it be true?! My sisters must have thought I’d gone crazy. I was so excited. I tried on half the section and got a ton of new fabulous items.

This isn’t the best shot but this is one of the tops I got that day. I had been searching for a pretty white top and was so thrilled to find this one! (by the way, my necklace is from girly muse!)

H&M Mama Top

H&M Mama Top

I highly recommend all you preggo mamas to check it out. Fabulous.

And for you non-preggos, their website is pretty cool! You can design a model to fit your body type (and even put your own face on it) and then try the clothes on her. It is super easy to use and fun designing outfits!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 10:32:06


    I love H&M somethin’ terrible. I think many mommys-to-be have similar frustrations with materity wear. This is wonderful information that I will share with all I know who are expecting!


  2. Girly Muse
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 23:02:06

    cute shirt! and i’m LOVING that belly! 🙂


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