Long Weekends…. mmmmm

I hope everyone had a simply fabulous long weekend! I personally did not go anywhere but got so much acomplished! After posting the series on Proverbs 31 I have found myself very challenged to work harder at being me. This past weekend was a perfect opportunity to get started!

Friday night Andrew and I took the kids to Ikea to look for chairs to go with our new table. We ate supper there first. They have pretty good food and the kids and I ate for under $6. No joke. We decided to wait on the chairs so we could save up and get a little bit nicer ones. I am really struggling paying so much for chairs! Considering the price of the table though I think we’ll be ok. We did pick up a few garbage cans for the bathrooms and some cute plastic dishes for the daycare.

Saturday was packed full. We went to the Farmer’s Market in the am and picked up rhubarb, hummus and flower bouquets. I love fresh cut flowers around the house and at $5 a bunch you can’t go wrong. They still look beautiful.

After we came home I did some cleaning, got my hair cut, ran some errands, did some more cleaning and then went to the Gathering at Oakwood. Awesome food and worship if you ever want to join us on the fourth Saturday of each month. THEN, I finally unpacked Miracle’s bedroom. She is so excited. She keeps running in there and looking at all her toys and yelling “It’s MIRACLE’S room!”

I must confess I skipped church Sunday. Sorry Mom. I had more cleaning to do because at noon we hosted a wedding shower for the Children’s director who is getting married this weekend and moving away. You will be missed Dawn!

You would think that after all of that I would be tired. You know, take a break? That is not the case. I unpacked and cleaned out the garage. Then I cleaned out, vacuumed and washed the car.

Then I crashed. Big time. My head started pounding and my legs turned into noodles. So I took the kids to Chipotle and then went to bed!

Monday morning I went to a flea market in Elko to pick up a trunk that my mom got for me. I have never been to a flea market before but it was pretty neat. Lots of fun little treasures to be found!

When I got home I helped Andrew get his bike back from the Sabin’s where it has been since the accident (thanks guys for letting us store it there for so long!). That was definitely done with mixed emotions! Then we went and had $.75 tacos at Acapoulco! Yummy.

So what does all of that have to do with working on the new me? Less procrastination, harder work, more time with family, taking care of myself, trying new things, creating an inviting place for my family and friends to be…… the list goes on and on. It feels so good. Add in more time with God and some exercise and I am feeling great! Wohoo 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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