Ahhh, Finally a chic flick

After a few not so good movies in a row. (Waitress, Role Models, Wanted….) It was so nice to have a cute comedy! I was nervous that movies had taken an awful turn for the worse. Seriously, when did we decide it was ok to have an affair as long as the husband is awful (Waitress)? And who in their right mind lets their 8 year old son act in a movie where every other word is a profanity – from that same 8 year old (Role Models)?

So last night made me smile. I was pleasantly surprised by a text from one of my best friends saying, “chic flick, chocolate, ice cream?” Are you kidding? Who could say no to that! So she picked up a movie (after 3 movie joint stops and an accidental Blue Ray rental) and came on over.

Bride Wars was cute, funny and although a little romance was involved, it wasn’t the main part. It showed the value of sharing your life with someone. Whether it be your special someone or your best girlfriend.

Although Bride Wars got an awful review from Rolling Stone, my only complaint was Kate Hudson’s bangs. Not pretty.

And I was lucky enough to marry a man who is not ashamed to like chic flicks. He came in just as the movie was starting and said I was lucky because he would have been mad if we watched it without him! Oh I love that guy.


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