When we come together

Have I ever mentioned my husband has bad luck? I knew it while we dated and I still married him. I love him anyway. I’ve learned that it is all about how I handle each situation and every time I feel we come through it better.

Yesterday for example. Our little family of four had a delicious breakfast at Key’s Cafe. We then planned on going to Hastings for disc golf followed by a picnic at the waterfalls. Disc golf was great. I made a 53 foot putt (thank you very much). After we finished we walked back to the car chatting about where we were going to pick up lunch. When we arrived at the car we found we were missing something. The car key. It is just a lonely key. Not even on a ring. At a loss, Andrew asked if I brought my phone. Yup. It’s in the car.

Here’s where the choices start. This is not the first time this or something similar has happened. I could get upset, pass blame, and argue about it. Instead I choose to stay calm. This was not going to ruin the good day we were having. Andrew offered to walk the trails while I sat with the kids. I was not so sure that key would be found. Ever.

I prayed. And prayed. He was gone a long time. I was begging God to put that key right in front of Andrew. It would be a miracle for sure. I had another choice. I could be annoyed that I was sitting there tired, hungry and alone with two small children and not much to do. Instead, my prayers turned to relief.

At first I thought Andrew had found the key. I expected him to come running up at any minute with it. Then I realized it was thankfulness. I was thankful that it wasn’t raining. The kids were not over hungry and they had found the sand volleyball court to keep them occupied. If necessary there were lots of people around and one of them was bound to let us borrow a phone.

Andrew came back discouraged and keyless. I pointed him in the direction of some friendly disc golfers I had been chatting with and one of them let Andrew use the phone. He called our sister-in-law who lives in Hastings and she was able to come pick us up. From that point on things were in our favor. When we got to Sarah’s we called our friend (who’s car we are borrowing). He had an extra key and was home. Andrew drove to St. Paul while I ordered pizzas for everyone. When he got back we all ate and then Andrew and I went back to pick up the car.

Andrew decided he was going to walk the course one more time. I went with certain we would not find the key but excited for some kid free hubby time. After the first few holes we split up. I walked along wishing I had decided not to come with. After all what was the point if now I’m alone? We met back up having covered all the holes and slowly gravitated back towards one hole we thought it had to be at. I remembered Andrew pulling the towel out of the bag and guessed the key had fallen out with it.

“Where were you?” Andrew asked.

“Remember I threw my disc down this ravine and it got dirty?” (lol)

“Oh yeah,” recalled Andrew, “and then we both landed right here in this same spot. Remember you thought I was throwing your disc?”

He bent over, moved a leaf, and picked up the key.

Now if any of you have watched Wonder Pets you know a little song about teamwork. Whenever Axel needs a little help with something he will say, “Mom, I need a little teamwork over here.”

Had Andrew and I not gone out together we would not have found that key. I love gentle reminders of the value of working together in life and in my marriage. Had I freaked out about a missing key we would have had a perfectly awful day. Instead we had wonderful family time and even got to spend some unexpected time with our niece and nephews!

Praise the Lord.


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  1. papalarry
    Apr 30, 2009 @ 02:48:51

    I enjoyed sharing your day with you. Well written and easy to put myself there. Thank you for sharing. Interestingly enough, I just yesterday had to have my keys replaced for my offices in three counties, lost all of them. Maybe I got that from AJ. It is nice when I can remember that my attitude is my choice, and doesn’t have to be dictated by circumstances. Things just go so much better when I can exercise that principle.


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