Huggle You

My kids are sweet. They are definitely lovers. Even Miracle who started out as the not so snuggly one is coming around. She climbs into the bed and says “Huggle you?” Oh she makes my knees weak! When Axel was younger and wanted to be held he would say. “Mommy, I want to hold you.” Now they both say it. Even as I sit here typing Miracle is sitting on my lap kissing my face all over.

Daddy and Mira smooching last summer

Daddy and Mira smooching last summer

As sweet as it is I tend to feel a little smothered at times. Then I remember that they will soon be older and who knows. Maybe they won’t kiss me good-bye, or want to lay in bed with me on a Saturday morning. Will the day come when Miracle stops wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big smooch? Or when Axel stops yelling “Quick mom, I need a kiss!”?

Of course. If I handle it right they will find new ways to show their affection and then I will love that stage. But I don’t want to look back and wish that I had enjoyed it more. 

So, I will let Miracle smooch my face all over while I’m trying to type even though I can’t see the screen.  And I will hold Axel even though the dishes are piled high in the sink. And I will not feel smothered because my kids want to hold me. And I will enjoy every last huggle!

And today, I will enjoy a family breakfast at Keys Cafe followed by a round of disc golf! Yeah 🙂


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