The Belly Diaries 4-23-09

Ok. Moving has been much more time consuming than I imagined. I’m still not done, but so what. I need some me time. I have spent this week working on my etsy shop and have now been motivated to get back to my blog! (Thanks Jill)

The new home is wonderful. I promise there will be more on that later. But for now  what I have really been watching lately… my growing belly!

14 weeks tomorrow!

14 weeks tomorrow!

Deciding not to care that I look like I’m 6 months instead of 13 weeks took a while but I’m over it now!

I was afraid that some of the excitement would be lessened the more babies you have. Nope. It’s not. I am so in love with this little thing growing inside of me! Pretty much no one knows but this is actually my fifth pregnancy. After losing two babies each in the first trimester I have been so nervous as each day progresses. I was trying not to get excited or think to much about the pregnancy. We went in for an ultrasound two weeks ago to determine a due date. When I saw that little baby squirming around my heart melted!

My little snuggle bug

My little snuggle bug

The last couple days I have felt some of what I believe to be some tiny baby movements! I love feeling the baby and that constant reminder that it is growing and healthy inside of me. It is still a couple weeks early to really feel the movements but it won’t be long!

Because I know you’re wondering I’ll answer some common questions.

  • I’m due October 23rd, 2009 (I’ll be 14 weeks tomorrow)
  • We have not decided if we will find out the sex of the baby. We did not find out with Axel and that was so much fun. Miracle we knew would be a girl and that was great too because she got to wear pink rather than yellow and green.
  • Yes, I think this will be our last. Although, we both have it on our hearts to adopt in the future. Ultimately though, God is in control of these decisions!
  • I have been a little sick but am starting to feel better now as I begin my way through the second trimester.

Did I forget anything? I’m sure you will all let me know if I did. In the mean time, check back to watch my belly grow! This is the first time that I am taking pictures which should be fun since they say you get bigger with each one. Oh my.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 16:18:48

    Yeh! Thanks for the update! Very cute belly.


  2. Girly Muse
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 20:38:28

    Sooooo cute. And I don’t think you look 6 months at ALL.

    Glad you’re back on here. 🙂 Love ya.


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