Have you seen my happy dance?

I have never doubted what God can do! Sometimes it is so fun to hear people’s stories of the miracles that He is working still today. Sit back and be ready to be amazed!

Two and a half years ago Andrew started working as the worship (and now  youth) pastor at Oakwood Church. Each week Oakwood has a list of prayer request that they print in the bulletin for you. The first week I sat down and read them I read one from a family in the church that had recently moved to Kentucky. They had been active at Oakwood but had moved before we started and therefore we had not met them. Their request was that their home in Maplewood be sold. I read the request pointed it out to Andrew and said “They are going to give us their house.”

Andrew laughed, I laughed, it was silly. And yet I prayed. Every week for the past two and half years that request has been in the bulletin, and every week I have prayed for us to be in their house. I had never met the family, never seen their home, and yet I prayed.

Three or four weeks ago the secretary at Oakwood sent out an e-mail stating that the family was requesting fervent prayer. They were asking that their home would sell that week. I showed the e-mail to Andrew and said, “No. I’m praying that they rent us their home.”

Andrew informed me that there was no way that we could live there. It was out of our ‘area’ in Maplewood. We could never afford it on our budget. Plus, who calls someone and asks if they can rent their house that isn’t up for rent?

Guess what I did? You got it! I prayed.

Over the next couple of weeks Andrew and I decided that it was time for us to move. There were some things that just were not working out in the place we are at and as we consider adding to our family we would need a bigger place. We went and looked at a few homes for rent and gave our landlord our notice.

Last Friday Andrew called me into the room. “Listen to this.” he said. Putting his cell on speaker phone he started playing me a message on his voice mail.

“Hi Andrew, this is (insert Maplewood home owners name here). You may think this is odd, but as you know we have been trying to sell our home in Maplewood and it just isn’t being sold. We were wondering if you guys would be interested in renting it?….”

Yes my friends, you read correctly. How can you question that? Andrew said I could call her if I wanted, but his concerns remained the same. So I called her. In our conversation I found out that the home is a mile or so from Oakwood and in a great location for us. She told me that they knew when they built the home that it was God who allowed them to build it and that it would be used for Him. Near tears I told her my side of the story. She said that they were unsure why God had not allowed their home to sell for the past three years but maybe now they had an answer! She also said she knew we would not be able to afford what it is truly worth, but they want to bless us. Together we came up with a price that worked for both of us!

I think I’m getting mine! For the past few weeks I have been feeling that this is my year. It is time for my family to “come into their own.”

I have seen many miracles in my life. Both my children and my brother being huge ones. This is the first one I feel that is so large and tangible. People knew I was praying for that house!


We are now praying that God will show us how we can best use this house to further our ministry. My brain is already spinning with all the ideas. Bible studies, get togethers, hosting…. We can actually have people over!  Oh man, April is a long way off 😛


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Girly Muse
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 07:56:03

    i’m just ecstatic over this. we oohed and aahed over the pictures yesterday at breakfast.
    it’s SO exciting.
    thank you, LORD!
    love you.


  2. Jill
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 15:35:34

    Amazing! Congratulations! Ya gave me goosebumps!


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