One of those days

There are days and then there are days….

“I’m hungry” – Breakfast is so fresh the bowls are still on the table.

“We just ate. Go play please.”

“I’m hungry”

“Ok. Go downstairs and play. I’ll tell you when lunch is ready.” – It’s 10 am.

I send them all over the gate and begin cleaning up the kithchen.

“I’m hungry”

“Ok. I’ll make lunch. I’ll tell you when it’s ready” – It’s 10:01

They scurry back down the stairs. I mindlessly open the fridge, and there it is in all it’s glorious splendor. A forgotten bottle of Dr. Pepper. Hallelujah.  **Choir angels sing**  I pour a glass off this fabulous sanity saver.

“I’m hungry”

I finally give in and start making lunch. – It’s 11 am. Oh well. I pull out a bowl of chilli and start heating it. I realize this will only please about 20% of my kids. (There are six here during the day.) Back to the fridge where I find some spaghetti, maccaroni and cheese, and a burrito.

I’m thinking leftover day and an early naptime!


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  1. Girly Muse
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 00:02:20

    hahaha, oh yes…i know these days well. just rejoicing that there are not 6 of them at my house. 🙂 you handle it with grace, though. grace and dr. pepper.


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