Cheri’s Pickin’s – Chicken Scratch

Hello and welcome to this edition of Cheri’s Pickin’s where I, your wonderful host, introduce you to some fabulous sellers and their wonderful goodies! There are so many fabulous sellers on etsy and all over the web and I am going to help you find some of them. I have asked each seller to give me a little info on themselves and their shop and at the end you will find out how you can win a free item! So, without further delay…. here is this weeks pickin’!

(If you are a seller on or off etsy please let me know if you would like to be featured in my blog!)

My name’s Beth Merriman & I’m the owner of Chicken Scratch.  I know it’s an odd name for a shop – a while back, a prospective customer asked me what the name of my shop was (which I hadn’t actually listed on etsy yet) and that was the first thing that came to mind.  My grandfather always called my sister and I “chickie” when we were little; and I needed to make some scratch (cash) quickly.  Plus, of course, my candles are made from scratch.  I listed my shop on Etsy the next day.

I’m 30-something, single, living in San Diego, CA with a cat and a roomie.  The roomie works days, and I work nights, so my craftiness doesn’t infringe (much) on her life.  She’s been a good promoter, handing out business cards and talking me up whenever she can.  I work in backstage theatre as a dresser – some of my best customers are the actors and crew, who are always looking for opening night presents or something to send home to their loved ones.

Massage candles burn like beeswax candles, but the melted wax can be used as massage oil.  They make great little gifts, and you can pop them into your suitcase and really spoil yourself on vacation.  And, of course, if your romantic partner needs a hint, you can leave one on their pillow and see what happens next! My candles are vegan, meaning no animal products are used.  The soy wax melts at a lower temperature than beeswax, so it won’t burn you, and the shea butter just melts into your skin.  I’m always trying out new scents, and I’m open to customer requests.

Congratulations Teresa for winning a massage candle from Chicken Scratch. Thanks again Beth!

To enter:

  • go and look at Chicken Scratch
  • choose your favorite item (scent)
  • leave a comment here with your pick
  • don’t forget your e-mail address so I can contact you

The winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck to you all! Please, only one entry per person to make it fair. I will announce the winner Friday morning! If winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tricia
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 10:11:44

    The White Tea and Ginger sounds yummy!!!


  2. Helen Wheeler-Shaw
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 10:58:59

    they look lovely! I’m in for a lemongrass one !!


  3. Lisa C
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 14:14:52

    Gingersnap Soy Massage Candle

    Love all the candles and scents, but this is my favorite. Thank you for hosting!


  4. Angie
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 19:53:08

    I love the creamy coconut!


  5. Patty
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 20:07:35

    I would have to go with Sandalwood Vanilla!


  6. LuAnn
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 21:43:50

    I would love a sandalwood vanilla candle. mmmm… Love your blog chicken…


  7. Teresa
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 23:41:35

    I was just admiring her candles a few minutes ago. The woodland pear and chocolate both sound awesome.


  8. krisha williams
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 04:01:53

    Lavendar scented candle.



  9. Huguette E.
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 05:39:20

    The one I would probably like the best is Autumn Spice.


  10. Natalie
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 06:12:50

    I’m a typical person who are not really adventurous when it comes to try a new taste or smell. Lavender please. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    I’m having a giveaway too.
    Adore By Nat


  11. JoBead
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 11:33:03

    I can almost smell the grapefruit from here!
    They look lovely!


  12. Jamie
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 16:40:12

    Ohh definitely Vanilla!


  13. Marcella
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 16:51:32

    They all sound good, but the gingersnap one is calling out to me!


  14. Linda
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 19:18:29

    So hard to choose. I love candles. I can never turn away lavender, but the sandlewood vanilla also sounds divine!


  15. Brenda F
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 19:35:26

    Chocolate Soy Massage Candle sounds heavenly….but the sandlewood vanilla would smell good also. It is so hard to choose— they all look good


  16. Heidi
    Oct 23, 2008 @ 14:54:22

    Ohhh so many tempting scents, but it is the Sandalwood Vanilla massage candle that steals my heart

    Two of my favorite scents, merged together in one luxuriously sexy treat!


  17. kristen
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 06:45:16

    yummmmm…I love pear…these candles are a cool idea!


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