No Surgery….Today

After a physical examination the surgeon felt that Andrew’s bones are healing wonderfully on their own! Praise the Lord. He said in the 20 years that he has done this and the 100’s of cases he has seen Andrew is the first person he has sent home without surgery!!! Because of the nature of this type of break he needs to be certain though. Next Wednesday Andrew has an appointment scheduled to see the surgeon again. If the surgeon is not confident that it is healing on its own then he will send Andrew in for an MRI and if the MRI shows the need for surgery then Andrew will go straight into the O.R. 

Andrew is also able to stop using the crutches as long as he keeps the boot on. This is so great because with his separated shoulder it has been extremely painful for him to walk with the crutches. 

We are in high spirits tonight! Thank you for all your prayers. Keep them coming. There is more healing to be done. Andrew is still experiencing a lot of pain especially in his shoulder, but we are so thankful for his health and healing!


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