Eaten by the Couch

Our couch tends to suck everything into it. I think that is pretty common. But does anyone ever get terrified of sticking their hand down into the cushion to fish things out? Who knows what you are going to touch. Yikes!

Made some super yummy chili yesterday. Summer is my favorite season, but I love all the food that comes with fall. Chili, apple pie, apple cider, hot chocolate….mmmmm

I got my first custom card order a few days ago and finished them last night while watching the debate. (Go Palin!) I think they turned out lovely. There was extra pressure because they were for someone I know but I think for my first custom order ever they are quite nice! You can’t tell from the picture (super bad lighting), but they are in fall colors and the set has two styles. The other style is on the brown but it has a purple scroll with a red border. What do you think? Check out my etsy shop for more.

Wedding Shower Custom Order

Wedding Shower Custom Order

 I also just happened into getting a treasury on etsy this morning. Check it out! It is dedicated to my new tag line “All Dressed Up!”


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